Few more great finds at the Cheeky Wow! Event Room.

I don't know about you but the holidays make me want to drink. Which is terrible since I don't drink. Ha! In to days picture, I want to share a couple things from the Cheeky WOW! Event Room. Each month, between the 7th and 25th, the event room features unique exclusive designs and 50% discounted deals on avatar accessories, apparel, home decor, poses, gestures, and more. 

Blink2Wink  created the adorable Winter Magick Top (L$125) for the Cheeky WOW! event room. I love the cut-out back with the ribbon. It is a great detail. The sweater comes in 10 colors and is compatible with Maitreya, Slink, Belleza, Ocacin, Tonic, Classic/Fitmesh, and Legacy. Please remember to try the demo before purchasing.

PinkFunk created the comfy SportFunk pants for the Cheeky WOW! event room. The pants come in six colors and are compatible with Maitreya, Alice, Altamura, Ebody, Belleza, Slink, TMP and Legacy.

 GT Creative Design created the Paris Bar Table Set (L$499). It is an exclusive for the Cheeky WOW! event room. This bar set is top-notch. It comes with two bar stools and a bar. Al three items are texture-changeable with 8 wood textures. The barstools have bento animations in PG, Adult, Single, and Couple. The bar has a built-in drink giver. Depending on what you have, the bar rez the land impact is between 12-24. There is a demo in-world at the Cheeky WOW! Event Room you can try before you buy. It is really worth getting.

Khargo created the fantastic Gold and Red Christmas Tree (L$150) for the Cheeky WOW! event room. Now is the time to get a jump on gathering your Christmas decor. The total land impact for this sparkly tree is 14. Khargo has a vast selection of festive furniture, landscaping, and decorations at their main shop. If I were you, I would put them on your shopping list if you're looking for high-quality Christmas designs.

Irre's Dollhouse created the Nifty 50s Wall Textures (L$125). This is an amazing texture set of 61 seamless Reto textures, They are full perm and hi-res. Excellent quality if you are looking to renovate your home interior.


 Slink | Physique Hourglass Bundle - Redux | L$2,800
✫ LeLUTKA | Lilly Head 3.1 | L$3,990
✫ LeLUTKA | Jane hair | L$600
✫ 7 Deadly s[K]ins | Adorable Skin in Pineapple | L$175
    Note this skin is for Genus. I did not realize I had picked it for my Lelutka Head. 
    It seems to work well enough, so I am okay with it.
✫ { wren's nest } | Lyra Shape (LeLutka Lilly v3.1)  | L$399
✫ IKON - Apex Eyes - Forest | Free VIP Group gift | Free to join

✫ Blink2Wink | Winter Magick Top | L$125 at Cheeky WOW! event room
✫ PinkFunk | SportFunk pants | L$99 Cheeky WOW! event room

✫ GT Creative Design | Paris Bar Table Set | L$499 |  Cheeky WOW! event room
✫ Khargo  | Gold, and Red Christmas Tree L$150 | Cheeky WOW! event room
✫ irrie's Dollhouse | Nifty 50s Wall Textures | L$125
✫ Created using Black Dragon viewer pose system

Disclosure of Material Connections: I may have received one or more products mentioned as a review copy. Regardless, I only recommend products I would use personally and believe will be beneficial for my readers. 

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