Fox Hollow, NC: A 17 Sim RP Community

Today I had a teleport malfunction and ended up in Fox Hollow, a role play community that spans 17 sims. It is huge with business, industrial, and residential, as well as, an undeveloped state park area. The roleplay community rotates around a living community that has regular weekly events. They are furrry, child and animal friendly. They have a large variety of homes for rent also if you are looking for a new RP home. 

If want to visit you will need to join their inworld group to comply with their OOC rule as stated in their covenant: "All public areas in the estate are explicitly considered. In Character areas. Use of a Visible OOC Group Tag or Attachable Object will render an individual Resident OOC, however, this only counts if the Resident is not in a vehicle...." You are also not allowed to fly. Please do read the rules before you visit.

For more information on Fox Hollow check out their website or feel free to join their Discord to ask for more information.

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