Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone if you celebrate it. If not, I hope you have a wonderful day and get a good nap in. Today is a quick post; I expect family over in an hour and have a turkey I must make sure doesn't dry up. 

Just Because released the amazing Reagan Dress for FaMESHed, which runs until the 27th.  The original mesh creation is fitted for Maitreya Lara +Petite, Legacy +Perky, Kupra, and Reborn. It is available in 18 colors. You can purchase them individually for L$249 or in a fatpack for $1,299. Remember to try the demo first. Just Because creates high-quality original mesh clothing for women. I can not stress how much I love Just BECAUSE's designs. I have been following/blogging Just Because since 2012. The quality has always been top of the line, with significant care given to her hand-drawn textures and styling creations. To top it all off, Just Because has always kept it reasonably priced. Most places I found when I was younger have outgrown my price range and, if we are honest, style. But not Just BECAUSE; it just keeps getting better and better.  

The fabulous decor in the photo's background is from Velvet Whip, a Fantasy, Medieval & Gorean/Adult RP Store. This set is on sale at The Christmas Event, which runs until December 15th. You can see a complete list of items in the shopping section below. Many of the proceeds from the Christmas Event benefit The American Cancer Society and Relay For Life. There is also a L$10 Christmas hunt for gold presents and a Free Christmas gift tree. If you are looking for fabulous Christmas decor, this event should be the first stop on your shopping trip.

The Maci Stilettos are by Felicity. Felicity is one of my favorite places to go shoe shopping. The Maci heels are compatible with Maitreya Lara. You can buy them in single colors (L$399) or a fatpack (L$2,199). The fatpack gives you tons of options to get just the right look; 24 straps colors, 28 platform colors, 3 metal colors, 4 stitching colors, 7 lace colors, 6 sole colors, and 7 insole colors. 


[Avatar Components] 
 Maitreya | Lara | L$2,750
✫ LeLUTKA | Lilly Head 3.1 | L$3,990
✫ LeLUTKA | EARS / Lilly ELF | Comes with Lily Head
✫ MINA  | Anais - Light brown | L$250
✫ 7 Deadly s[K]ins | Moenya bom skin Pineapple | Thanksgiving Gift L$0
✫ 7 Deadly s[K]ins | NECK fade LEL. Evo X -> 7DS skins Pineapple
✫ 7 Deadly s[K]ins | Ears  LEL. Evo X  006  | L$250
{ wren's nest } | Lyra Shape (LeLutka Lilly v3.1)  | L$399
✫ IKON - Spectral Eyes - Maldives | L$150

[Outfit Components]
✫ Just Because  |  Reagan Dress |  L$249 ea. or fatpack $1,299  FaMESHed
Felicity | Maci Stilettos |  L$399 ea., Fatpack $2,199

[Home Decor/ Props]
✫ Velvet Whip | Stuffed Chicken Winter Feast | L$149, The Christmas Event
✫ Velvet Whip | Panettone Milano Classico | L$125, The Christmas Event
✫ Velvet Whip | Wall Writing Decor - Winterfest | L$149, The Christmas Event
✫ Velvet Whip |  Agnes Table | L$89, The Christmas Event
✫ Velvet Whip | Shire Chair  | L$75,  The Christmas Event
✫ Velvet Whip | Yule dining Set | L$299,  The Christmas Event
✫ Velvet Whip | WinterFest Dining Set | L$275,  The Christmas Event
✫ Velvet Whip | Fari Rug Red | NFS
✫ Velvet Whip |  Fari Rug Brown | NFS

✫ Eternal Dreams | Naga 06

[Photo Location]

Disclosure of Material Connections: I may have received one or more of the products as review copies. Regardless, I only recommend products I would use personally and believe will be beneficial for my readers. See my full disclosure policy here.

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