It's beginning to feel a bit like Christmas...

Hard to believe the holidays are upon us already, the year sure has gone by fast. To welcome the cooler weather I wanted to share with you Just Because's Juniper Sweater and Juniper Pants, which were released at C88. You can purchase them individually for  L$188, or in a FatPack for L$1,288. The prints, like I am wearing, are available in the fatpack. The pants come in flat foot and heel foot options. Both items are compatible with Maitreya Lara, Legacy, Perky, Kupra, Reborn. 

The amazing decor in the room behind me is by *TRB* - Tahiti Rae Builds and is available at the Christmas Event, which runs from November 20th to December 15th. There is a ton of fun activities you can partake in at the event. A breakdown of every item is available in the shopping section below.

I wanted to bring your attention to the lovely  Big Silver Hoop Earrings that DI's Creations is giving away free at the Christmas Event. Find the free present under the big Christmas Tree at the frozen lake. Be sure to check out DI's Creations' shop at the event. They have some amazing items on sale that are sure to liven up your Christmas theme. Avatar details can be found in the shopping section below. 

The Maci Stilettos are by Felicity. Felicity is one of my favorite places to go shoe shopping. The Maci heels are compatible with Maitreya Lara. You can buy them in single colors (L$399) or in a fatpack (L$2,199). The fatpack gives you tons of options to get just the right look; 24 straps colors, 28 platform colors, 3 metal colors, 4 stitching colors, 7 lace colors, 6 sole colors, and 7 insole colors. 


 Maitreya | Lara | L$2,750
✫ LeLUTKA | Lilly Head 3.1 | L$3,990
✫ LeLUTKA | Lia hair | L$600
✫ 7 Deadly s[K]ins | Adorable Skin in Pineapple | L$175
    Note this skin is for Genus. I did not realize I had picked it for my Lelutka Head. 
    It seems to work well enough, so I am okay with it.
✫ { wren's nest } | Lyra Shape (LeLutka Lilly v3.1)  | L$399
✫ IKON - Apex Eyes - Forest | Free VIP Group gift | Free to join

✫ Just Because  | Juniper Sweater | C88  L$188 ea., FatPack L$1,288,@ C88
✫ Just Because  | Juniper Pants | C88  L$188 ea., FatPack L$1,288, @ C88
✫ DI's Creations | Big Silver Hoop Earrings | Christmas Tree Gift L$0 @ TCE 
✫ Felicity | Maci Stilettos |  L$399 ea., Fatpack $2,199

✫ *TRB* - Tahiti Rae Builds | Beagle Bench - Xmas 2021 (3Li, C/M) | RFL L$399 @ TCE 
 ✫ *TRB* - Tahiti Rae Builds | Noel Nook  My Chair (Lots of Poses, 6Li, C/M) | L$399 @ TCE 
✫ *TRB* - Tahiti Rae Builds | Noel Nook My Pouf (Decor only, 4Li, C/M) | L$290 @ TCE 
✫ *TRB* - Tahiti Rae Builds | Noel  Nook Oil Lamp Berry (5Li, C/M) | L$299 @ TCE 
✫ *TRB* - Tahiti Rae Builds | Nole Nook Stone Fireplace (4Li, C/M) | L$250 @ TCE 
✫ *TRB* - Tahiti Rae Builds | Noel Nook Skinny Stockings (2Li, C/M, Pack of 8) | L$399 @ TCE 
✫ *TRB* - Tahiti Rae Builds | Noel  Art - Fresh Powder (2Li, C/M) | L$225 @ TCE 
✫ *TRB* - Tahiti Rae Builds | Noel Art - Festive Flapper (2Li, C/M) | L$199 @ TCE 
✫ *TRB* - Tahiti Rae Builds | Noel Art - Myrtle (2Li, C/M) | L$199 @ TCE 
✫ *TRB* - Tahiti Rae Builds | Noel Nook Ye Old Book (2Li, C/M) | L$99 @ TCE 
✫ *TRB* - Tahiti Rae Builds | Noel Nook Ye Old Sidetable (2Li, C/M) | L$299 @ TCE 
✫ *TRB* - Tahiti Rae Builds | Snow Craft, sled lol (Decor only, 1-2Li, C/M) | L$399 @ TCE 
✫ *TRB* - Tahiti Rae Builds | Nole Nook Rug (1Li, C/M) | L$299 @ TCE 
✫ *TRB* - Tahiti Rae Builds | Xmas Tree | Not for Sale

✫  HelaMiyo | Litle Black Dress | 300L
Note: I adjusted the head a little using the posing tool in Black Dragon viewer.

✫ The Christmas Event


Disclosure of Material Connections: I may have received review copies of one or more of the products mentioned. Regardless, I only recommend products I would use personally and believe will be beneficial for my readers. 

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