My new reading nook.

My goal for the day was to work on cleaning up my inventory and organizing my home furnishing and decor into folders. Well, I did do a bit of organizing but got distracted setting up a new reading corner instead. I am pleased with it and wanted to share.

✫  ChiMia is a home and garden shop that has an eclectic style from modern to old-world style. They have some charming unique items on display at their store. They have an inworld Update group (free to join). As a member, you get 20% off in-store purchases, exclusive discounts, and freebies, as well as access to the more lucky chairs and midnight madness boards. You can also use their sim for photoshoots. 

In the photo, the Autumn Blessings Chalkboard (1 LI, $100L), the Dark Geo Modern Rugs (comes with five styles, 1 LI, $220L), the Gothic Fireplace (7 LI, $340L), the Leaning Broom (1 LI, 50L), the shelf fillers 
on the mantle (1 LI ea., $250L) and the Pumpkin Spice Latte (1 LI,  free from Crypt Crawl) are all wonderful creations from ChiMia. The quality and design are superb, very realistic. The photo frames come empty and you can add  your own pictures,

✫   [CIRCA] Living specializes in home furnishings, unique lighting, home accessories, skyboxes, prefabs, and jewelry. They also have a subscriber and in-world group for you to join to keep up-to-date on the stores going on, as well as regular group gifts. Update Group costs 250L, the subscriber is free to join. 

In the photo, the "WATERDOWN" Velvet Chair (2LI, $400L), the "DarkMoon Manor" Cauldron Tree with Stars (6 LI, from Shop&Hop event in October), the "Wicked Forest" Wall Art Set (2 LI, from an event in 2015), the "Winter Grove" Ball Candle (3 LI, $125L), and the  "Winter's Eve" Candle Bowls (3 LI, 2013 group gift). The Chair has 18 poses. I love the purple piping on the grey velvet. So elegant!

✫   Rupsy Roo created the standing lamp with a planter. They were a home and garden shop that closed down a few years back. I still have and use many of their designs.

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