The Christmas Event: Maven Homes

I have had fun exploring The Christmas Event today.  It is a 1920-30s New York Themed Christmas shopping event brought to you by the Grove Country Club Estates and Kaerri. The event will run from November 20th until December 15th, with over 120 designers participating! There are tons of great Christmas designs to browse. All designers donated one item to be sold as a donation item to benefit The American Cancer Society and Relay For Life.  You can see these items at the online sales gallery. Many designers are participating in a special L$10 Hunt. Check them out on the website. All proceeds from the hunt go to the American Cancer Society. Designers have generously provided gifts under the giant Christmas tree (L$0-1) for event participants. 

:: Front View ::

I did want to bring to everyone's attention a fantastic deal. Maven Homes has placed the Cranmore House on sale for 50% off at L$1,999. You can get the snow cover roof separately for L$249. I love Maven homes. I have featured them before. You can see the Monterey House I used for myself in a past post

:: Rear View ::

The Cranmore house is 175li, 32mx32, Mesh, C/M/NT, Materials. You will need at least 2,048 sq.m. and enable advanced lighting g model in preference to enjoy the full effect of this magnificent home. Don't forget you need to make sure you have a spacious enough parcel to support the land impact for all your furniture too!

:: Main Room upon Entry ::

Let me give you a quick tour.  The Cranmore features large picture windows, spacious patios, a large fireplace, furnished kitchens, and bathroom interiors.

:: Upper Landing and Loft :: 

Upon entry to the left is a small landing leading up to a loft overseeing the main room and large picture windows. A security system is built in the home, with lockable doors, which can be set to open automatically. The windows have adjustable tinting and opacity.

:: Restroom ::

To the right of the entryway is the furnished restroom with high ceilings and exposed beams. If you do not like the current bathroom fixtures, you can remove them and place the style you prefer.

:: Bedroom ::

Next to the restroom, you have a large spacious bedroom with high ceilings and exposed beams.  The house is scripted with a painter's HUD for easy redecorating the interior walls and has a texture restore feature if you accidentally change the textures.

:: Dining and Kitchen Area ::

Passing through the main entry room, if you go to the left through the two sizeable rustic barn doors, you will find the large kitchen and dining area with a massive fireplace. I really love the copper lighting suspended in each of the rooms. The lighting can be dimmed, turned on/off, and the colors adjusted. It even has an automatic mode that will change with the lighting according to time on the sim.

:: Kitchen Area ::

The kitchen is simply excellent and cozy! I can see a family gathered around in the evening, the parents enjoying a glass of wine as the kids race about, trying to sneak treats behind mom's back. If you prefer a different style for the kitchen, all kitchen items are removable so that you can make the customizations to make it your own. If you are thinking about getting the house but you are unsure if it will fit, you can pick up a footprint map to see if it will fit your land before you buy, see the sign in front of the house.

I hope you enjoyed the home tour. If you would like to check it out in person, please step into the TAXI. If you would like to see all other amazing Maven Homes, please step into the limousine. You are in for a wonderful trip into a future of possibles for your personal heaven called home.


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