The Christmas Event: 2 furniture sets you don't want to miss out on.

There is so much to see at The Christmas Event. I am still finding so much I want to share with you all. The Christmas Event is a 1920-30s New York Themed Christmas shopping event brought to you by the Grove Country Club Estates and Kaerri. The event will run from November 20th until December 15th, with over 120 designers participating! There are tons of great Christmas designs to browse. All designers donated one item to be sold as a donation item to benefit The American Cancer Society and Relay For Life.  You can see these items at the online sales gallery. Many designers are participating in a special L$10 Hunt. Check them out on the website. All proceeds from the hunt go to the American Cancer Society. Designers have generously provided gifts under the giant Christmas tree (L$0-1) for event participants. 

For today, I have a couple sets for you to check out. The first set is a wonderful Patio Set.

Chilly Pigeon is the designer of the Woodcreek Xmas Patio Set for the Christmas Event. The full set is an event exclusive for L$499, the proceeds are 100% donation to RFL. This is an amazing set at an equally amazing price. This would look great on your deck, you know it would. Take the Taxi. and check it out in person. You will see I am not wrong on this one.

This next set is for those of you who love a clean polished look. This set made me go "Wow" and I had to share it with you all. Aluora Home Designs created the items in the picture. Below is a list of each item. 
✫ Arched Windows | L$299
✫ Silken Cascade Table, 7Li | L$299
✫ Entwined Lamps, 2Li | $299
✫ Eclipse Candles, 1Li | $125
✫ Sheer Blackout, 5Li | $199
✫ Metal Spheres, 1.4Li | $199
✫ Spiky Stars, 1Li |  L$10
✫ Neoclassical Arches, 2.7-7.9Li | L$399

They are surprisingly very affordable. I seriously expected a price at least three times as much. Which makes this a deal you can't pass up. Here's your Taxi, go check it out in person.

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