Time to Explore! White Chapel & Drune Gotham Sim.

Today, I had a little free time to explore the White Chapel & Drune Gotham Sim. I mainly wandered the White Chapel section today. It was so unique and haunting. I couldn't resist taking some photos to keep as a reference for future photoshoots. 

The White Chaple section is decorated in a Victorian Londen Theme. It has everything you heard of in stories during that period, Jack the Ripper, Sweeny Todd, Scrooge, Dorian Gray, Victor Frankenstein, and more! I recommend entering all the buildings and checking out the fantastic work Hera has done in bringing forth her version of the world. The details are exquisite and well planned. It was so much fun turning a corner and seeing a familiar setting from a beloved tale.

So check out my pictures and then head over and check out the sim in person; you won't regret it. No dress code is required. Leave a tip with BatBear if you like; it will help keep these unique places alive.


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