A Dinkie Christmas

This is post is for my friends who love Dinkies. The Christmas Event has several great finds. You have until the 15th of December to stop in and grab these items.  But first, let's talk about that Unicorn! It's part of the Frost Nymph Fountain by  Fantasy Pixels. You can pick it up for L$699 at  The Christmas Event. It is a huge aquatic fountain with two unicorns. It's an amazing piece I couldn't help but stop and take a photo of it. You can check it out in person here.

My outfits in both pictures are by Mags' Mini Mall. You can find both the Dinkie Wootmas Tree Hoodie Outfit (L$125), proceeds go to RFL) and the Jolly holiday Dinkies Gift Outfit (L$10 hunt item) at  The Christmas EventThey have some really adorable furniture, buildings, and clothing for Dinkies at affordable prices. You can also get a Candy Cane Pendant for Free for your Dinki from Mag's Mini Mall under the Christmas Gift Tree. In the photo below, I am also wearing my Weelandia Wootmas No Trap Hat with antlers and Ginger Bread extras. It was a free gift from their shop at the 2nd Annual Yule Cart Sale & Hunt.

I found the Dinkies My Little Pony Rocker is a fun creation from Sterling Wear. I found it at MMM Hunts' 2nd Annual Yule Cart Sale & Hunt. The Yule Cart Sale & Hunt is a  family-friendly event with a lot of fun things to see and do. There is a free Yule hunt, treats and rides, photos with Santa, a free giving tree, special celebrations, specialty auctions, and Toys for Tots fundraising Hunt. This is an amazing event if you have a tot or Dinkie friend. I do want to give a shout-out to Dragonsworn for hosting the event and Lil Val's Clothing. Lil Val makes some really cute Tot clothing and accessories. I recommend you put this event and Little Val's on your list to visit for Christmas supplies. 

Speaking of supplies you can get at the 2nd Annual Yule Cart Sale & Hunt, the Tiered Winter Decorative Table is Splintered Creations Yule Cart Tree Gift, completely free! The Wootmas Tree in Green and Pink are gifts from Tea's Tiny 80's Shop. The Ginger House is by Birch Wolves and is their free hunt gift.


[Avatar Components] 
Ami's Dinkie World |  Bento Dinkie Silver Bengal | L$630

[Outfit Components]
✫ Mags' Mini Mall | Dinkie Wootmas Tree Hoodie Outfit  | L$125, The Christmas Event.
✫ Mags' Mini Mall | Jolly holiday Dinkies Gift Outfit  | L$10, The Christmas Event.
✫ Mags' Mini Mall | Candy Cane Pendant  | L$0, 2nd Annual Yule Cart Sale & Hunt
Twisted Whiskers | Weelandia Wootmas No Trap Hat | L$0, 2nd Annual Yule Cart Sale & Hunt

[Home Decor/ Props]
✫ Fantasy Pixels  Frost Nymph Fountain | L$699 The Christmas Event.
✫ Tea's Tiny 80's Shop | Wootmas Tree in Pink and Green | L$0, 2nd Annual Yule Cart Sale & Hunt
 Sterling Wear | Dinkies My Little Pony Rocker  | L$0, 2nd Annual Yule Cart Sale & Hunt
[CIRCA] Living | "Chantelle" Damask Area Rug - Flocked Gold | L$425
Splintered Creations | Tiered Winter Decorative  | L$0, 2nd Annual Yule Cart Sale & Hunt

 Tiered Winter Decorative Table is Splintered Creations
[Photo Location]

Disclosure of Material Connections: I may have received one or more of the products as review copies. Regardless, I only recommend products I would use personally and believe will be beneficial for my readers. See my full disclosure policy here.

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