A New York Holiday

Today, I want to share a fantastic deal available at the Cosmopolitan Event. The Golden Xmas Dining Room Set is by Kaerri; it is so sparkly and elegant! Each piece can be purchased individually for L$100-300 each, or you can buy the complete set for L$1,100. The Cosmopolitan Event runs till December 11th. The Xmas Dining Room Set consists of the Golden Xmas Rug (1Li), Table Arrangement (5Li), Candlestick (1Li), Dining Room Chair (3Li), Dining Room Table (1Li), Place Setting (2Li), Planter (12 Li), Table Runner (1Li), Tree (19Li) and Wreath (14Li).

I loved the inlaid glass top on the table. The design of the chairs is clean and elegant. I loved the height of them and the square cutouts. The juxtaposition of the vertical and horizontal fabrics is a great touch too! 

My pictures of the floral arrangement and tree do not do them justice. They are amazing. They have lights that blink just right, not too fast and not too slow. Subtle to give them an elegantly festive holiday cheer. 

If you would like to replicate the entire look of my photo, you will also need to pick up Apple Fall's New York Studio Apartment. I picked this up for Free; it is a fantastic find. I love Apple Fall's skyboxes; they are so clean and bright-looking. They have a way of making a small space feel large. The New York Skybox is 13m x 16m with a land impact of 10. They have a demo at their main store if you would like to check it out in person.

The Hall Table is a Free Advent Gift from ChiC Buildings for Day 5, and the Mesh drapes with Cornice were the Day 4 Advent Gift. The table is originally a natural tone, but I tinted it darker to match the Kaerri set. ChiC Buildings is another favorite of mine. I love wandering their sale area, looking at the buildings and new designs. They have a very eclectic mix of styles. If they are not on your Advent Calendar list, they should be! 

The Medieval Chandelier is a beautiful creation by SWAN for L$150. I used three of them to create the look in the photo. The Chandelier is very versatile. The three candles can be switched on/off with a touch, and the glow is nice and soft, creating an elegant atmosphere in the room.  You can mod the light if you need to make the chains longer or shorter.

The really cute "Baby All I want for Christmas is You" Wall Decal was created by Mandilena Gestures. It is for the Cheeky Monkey 'Candy Cane Wishes and Mistletoe Kisses' Hunt. The hunt runs until the end of December. The hunt gifts are L$1, and you are looking for a Candy Cane. The hunt has some really fun Christmas gifts. I would put this hunt on your list too!


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