ABSTRAKT: 15th to the 5th each month

15th to the 25th

From the ABSTRAKT Website

"The neon lights are assaulting you and the nuclear battery in your watch is showing signs of weakness. You have been sitting here on this bench for what... twenty? thirty minutes? You are waiting for the Aerobus to pick you up and join the big fair of Abstrakt. It's been months that you've been watching the holographic ads in every corner of the city. Yes... It's been screaming in the media, it's been on the front page of your social networks, they were even talking about releasing a hit song just for the occasion. But you... You don't care about the music, do you? What you want is to change your old prosthesis with new cyber implants, replace your eyes, reconsider the ugly shade of your carcass... Yes, my friend then approaches you and climbs in the pod for the Abstrakt... The doors open in front of you and you discover the holograms which dance just for you. The red light tries to attract you in the alleys, everything here is only fluorescence, metal, latex, and technology. A voice leans to your ear, my voice, soft and sweet. "Welcome to the Abstrakt, will you choose to join us or would you prefer to turn around? Be careful, if you enter, you might become addicted..."

If you like Cyberpunk and shopping this event is for you. Some amazing finds. I recommend you stop in and check it out before it is gone.  The event starts on the 15th of the month and runs to the 5th.

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