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I have fallen in love with  Misaki's CALISTA Body (2,500L), which I stumbled upon at TokyoZero. I was really hoping I would be able to wear various outfits with it but was disappointed to find it difficult to pull that off. That in no way makes me regret this purchase. I love this android body and how it looks.

: [ Click for larger view ]:
The detailing is exquisite! The CALISTA Body comes with the outfit you see in the picture above, but you can choose not to wear it. The body is color changeable and comes with a sleek hud and face skins in 13 matching colors. You can also choose to use your Lelutka Head with the body for a cyborg look (See picture below).  If you have not made it by TokyoZero yet, I would hurry up the event ends the 25th, and there are tons of great shops and gifts to peruse.

The fantastic mesh Cyber Retro TVs (199L) I used to build the backdrop are by ERG.  The TV has incredible detailing. The light and glow options are phenomenal! I recommend you stop in and check them out in-world. You can change the color of the glow; it has 9 options! It comes with four animations textures for the monitor, or you can use your own URL or texture. You can find them at the Happy Event, which runs until the 28th. 

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The Spooky Inviting Eyes are by CAZIMI (0L). They were the October 2021 VIP gift. You can still pick them up if you missed them if you are a group member. If not, it only costs 250L to join, and trust me, you want to. CAZIMI spoils their VIPs! The eye set comes in 8 colors in two sizes for BOM eyes layers. I am wearing Spooky, large.  I used the CAZIMI's Xenial EvoX Eyeshadow Shadow Base 9 and Shadow Liner Black 80% to create those beautiful smokey eyes. The Xenial EvoX Eyeshadow consists of  9 BOM base eyeshadows, 2 Shimmers, and Black or Brown Liners for Lelutka EvoX heads only.  

Those plump lips were created using CAZIMI's Dusk EvoX Lipstick (250L) shade 11, 80%. This set comes with 12 lipstick colors in three opacities with shine enhancers. 

I am also wearing CAZIMI's Phoenix BOM Brows (250L) for my eyebrows. The set comes with optional brow filler, stay hairs, and an under brow highlighter version in four opacities. I got this set from my free Christmas gift of 250L from CAZIMI's Christmas Hunt for Store Credit Event. To get your 250L credit search their store for five hidden gifts worth 50L each in-store credit. Once you find all 5 gifts, you will have 250L for CAZIMI products!

Other items in images but not discussed:

[Avatar Components] Unless marked in both images.
✫ 7 Deadly s[K]ins - Danna | I think Midnight Madness Slap Board (could be wrong)
✫  Asset  | Freckle Me - Light | (no longer around)
✫ LeLUTKA | Lilly Head 3.1 | 3,990L
✫ The shape is custom.

✫ HelaMiyo | Sorry, What? (non-Bento)  | 300L

[Photo Location]
✫ Personal Photobox.

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