The Happy Event (Dec.14-28) Sneak Peek!

I have a sneak peek of a couple fantastic home furnishing designs by GT Creative Design and Useless Addiction that will be on sale at the Happy Event (Dec.14-28). You will want to check these deals out. These items are of excellent quality, versatile in style, and very affordable.

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The Round Sofa Xmas Set was designed by GT - Creative DesignI got lost for an hour exploring the color options and animations; this set has many features. I couldn't believe they were only asking for L$999 for it. The Sofa set consists of the sofa (22li), coffee table (2li), rug (9li), and angel candle on the coffee table (2 li). The sofa comes with a large selection of customizable features to match your style and the season. It has 8 color options to choose from. You can remove the Christmas stitching on the pillows, so you can keep using this sofa even after the holidays! You can also customize the wood trim, selecting from 7 wood textures. The coffee table and rug are also customizable, with 7 table textures and 10 rug textures. The rug can also be resized via script. Let's talk animations; this sofa has single, couple cuddles, sex, and drink animation options for three people (FFM/MMF). Pick the sofa set up at the Happy Event.

While checking the sofa out at the event, be sure to check out the ultra-sleek and modern Girl Wall Art (3 li), it is available in black or white for L$99, the Tree Wall Decor (6 li), and the Eggnog & Punch Trolley (12 li). All three are also by GT - Creative Design. Upon clicking the Eggnog trolley, you will be given tasty-looking eggnog. I will so use this in future pictures; the animation is excellent.

Useless Addiction created the Festive Holiday Trees (2 li) and the Snowball Flower Vases (4 li). These two items are lovely ways to brighten a room and bring about a smile. The Festive Holiday Trees come with three color styles in the package. These are not tall trees; they stand maybe just below the average female avatar's shoulders, so they don't take up a lot of space. I sat them on bases to give them a bit of height for dramatic effect in my image. I love using flowers in my home designs, so the Snowball Flower Vases are right up my alley. They come with four colors in the package. I love how fluffy the flowers look! You can pick up both items for L$99 each at the Happy Event (Dec 14-28).

The following items are not available at the Happy Event. You will need to visit their main stores or the marketplace to pick these items up.

For the window dressings, I used a combination of ChiMia's festive Winterberry Curtains (red berry) and  ChiC Buildings  Day 5 Advent Gift of Mesh drapes with Cornice (4 li). ChiMia's festive Winterberry Curtains (2 li) has a charming selection of berry, diamond, leafy, and solid textures to match your decor. I used the red berry texture for my image. ChiMia also created the Holiday Book Stack on the coffee table. I  featured the books in my previous post if you would like to get a closer look at them. They are a great item to give a homey feeling to your space. Yes, I am guilty; I love small decor items, and ChiMia makes terrific and unique decor!

My skybox is Apple Fall's New York Studio Apartment. It is a fantastic find. I love Apple Fall's skyboxes; they are so clean and bright-looking. They have a way of making a small space feel large. The New York Skybox is 13m x 16m with a land impact of 10. They have a demo at their main store if you would like to check it out in person. It was free; I am not sure if it still is.

If you wish to know more about my avatar, you can see the details in my previous post. It is my go-to look when I am just tooling around the house.

Disclosure of Material Connections: I may have received one or more products as review copies. Regardless, I only recommend products I personally use and believe will benefit my readers. See my full disclosure policy here.

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