Tokyo Zero: 10th to 25th

10th to the 25th


"This event came up with a unique style, its dirty streets, polluted buildings, and technology, formed a perfect combination with the futuristic city of Tokyo. Where the urban mess meets perfectly with the connection cables that carry energy to the city. The buildings and their design faithfully reflect the proposal created by the founders; where rats hide in the sewer because of the high movement of people in the city, the air is not as pure as you think, so you can find ventilation filters between the buildings.
Take a break and stop for a snack at one of the snack machines dotted around the city, or if you're tired of walking you can take a seat on a bench.

Don't spend too much time looking at fluorescent advertisements, be careful with alleys, only people from secret entities can access. Maybe you can get through the scanner and let yourself in. This is Tokyo Zero, a dystopic future."
Tokyo Zero is an event that runs from the 10th to the 25th of the month. for creators to showcase their original designs. You can find a variety of designs for all genres, some of which are Streetwear, Urban Style, Cyberpunk, and Japanese Style. It is a highly creative environment where imaginations soar. 

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