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I couldn't resist visiting the Japonica 2021 Winter MarketWhile there, I found many things I could not live without. The atmosphere and many beautiful things inspired me to put together this photoshoot. As always, I had to put my own twist to the style. The Japonica Market runs until January 23rd. One of the things I really like about the Market is that it has many spots for taking photos. If you look around the backside of the buildings, they have photo boxes set up. There are so many beautiful styles of images you can take!

:[ Outfit and Acessories]:
✫ DRESS:  The beautiful Oiran Minidress in Peony White is from EXiA. EXiA makes fantastic kimonos, as well as gothic and lolita dresses. I fell in love with their display at Japonica and had to go check out their main store. I found the cute gem I am wearing in the back of the store for 380L. It fits Maitreya's Lara body and comes in six print choices. It has a hud that allows you to customize the Kasane Eri, Obe, and Himo.

✫ ANTLERS:   I found Frangipani Garden's Sakura Flower Antlers at Japonica for 250LI couldn't resist. I love Sakura flowers and antlers, so these were perfect for me! With purchase, you get two versions, one has falling Sakura Petals, and the other does not have falling flowers. These are so adorable! Frangipani Garden also has a beautiful tea set and foods for sale. You should stop in and see their beautiful creations.

 ✫ COLLAR:  I picked up the Halo Posture Collar by Razor for 349L. It is fitted for Slink, Maitreya, and Belleza mesh body systems. I really love the look of this collar. It is elegantly laced up in the back, and it's perfect for slimming the neck, and hiding necklines (not that I needed to do that with this skin)

:[ Avatar Body ]:

✫ HEAD: I am wearing Lelutka's Avalon Mesh Head in this post. At the time of this posting, this head costs 3,990L. This head can support  Evolution (EVO) and Evolution X (EvoX) skins. The Avalon set comes with a Head, Teeth, Mesh Eyes, Elf Ears, and many bonus goodies like hairbases, face light, multiple teeth accessories like braces, ear piercings, and samples of cosmetic tattoos. It is Bakes on Mesh Ready (BOM) and comes with a default shape, Head and Ear skins in BOM layers, and skin, brow, and eye applier. Avatar complexity for the head alone is approximately +5738 (Head, Teeth, and Eyes). Lelutka is my go-to place for mesh heads. I love their style, quality, and ease of use for their huds. I own several of their heads. There are demos available for you to try before you buy.

✫ BODY: Today's body of choice is Maitreya's Lara Mesh Body. The Lara Mesh Body is Bakes on Mesh Ready (BOM). The body includes Bom add-on parts, a save stick to save your configurations, Bento hands, with hand poses and hand AO built into the HUD. The body has the 5 default foot shapes (Flat, Low, Mid, High, and Ballet). The HUD comes loaded with 22 Glam Affair skin tones, and BOM layers are provided. There are five nail shape options and 19 nail polish options. Alphas are controlled via HUD. There are over 200 possible selections. The body comes with mesh lingerie made by Erratic and BOM Layers by Zaara. At the time of posting, the Maitreya Lara Mesh Body costs 2,750L. If you prefer a petite or flat look, Maitreya has add-ons for the Lara Mesh Body for 499-599L each. The Lara Mesh Body, the Petite Add-on, and the Flat-Chest Add-on have demos available to try before you buy.

✫ HEAD and BODY SKIN:  The lovely and versatile Shilo Skin is by .:Soul:. Shilo is a Generation 3 [G3] skin. I am wearing the [F5] fantasy skin tone. The skin is only for EvoX. The head skin and body skin are sold separately. Both head and body skins come in 16 human and fantasy skin tone variations. There are demos available to try before you buy. You can pick the Head Skin up for 899L for each skin tone or buy a fatpack of all 8 human or 8 fantasy skins for 5,999L each. The body skin is available for Belleza, Legacy, Omega, and Slink for 449L each skin tone or 2,999L for the fatpack. If you join the .:Soul:. VIP group (350L), you can get a 15% discount on every purchase, as well as free group gifts and teasers on new releases, updates, and store sales. 

 ✫ HAIR:  I picked up the lovely Olivia hair at Doux for 500L (basic pack with deluxe hud). Olivia is a fitted mesh hairstyle; the basic package includes 1 hairstyle and the fatpack color HUD. The deluxe hud consists of all styles (3) available with the hair and color tint abilities. You will need to buy the basic pack for the hair before you buy the deluxe, as the deluxe is only a hud. The hair is in the basic package.

✫ EYES: The Winter Glory Eyes (99L) are by Quinz Von Dutch for the Happy Event. They are for lel EvoX and come in an applier with six eye styles. You can apply the eye styles individually like I have in my photos or on both eyes. These are very clear and vibrant eyes. Really am pleased with them. The Happy Event opens on the 14th and runs till the 28th. I highly recommend you grab these eyes when it opens.

✫ EYEBROWS:  I couldn't resist picking up the unique Lydia Brows by dewyPLUSH for 199L at Tokyo Zero. They are made for lel EvoX and also fit classic avatars. They come in bom layers in four colors and in an applier for EvoX. I love these eyebrows; they are just what I have been looking for to wear in my fantasy looks.

✫ EARS:  The Glaistig Uni Ears (499L) are by .:Soul:. They are one of several mesh ear styles you can pick up in store or on the Marketplace. The ears come preloaded with matching appliers to all Gen2 skins and a tintable white. You can also purchase G3 appliers separately. The ears have been updated to include Bom Activator and layers for Tattoos and Gen2 Skin Match Textures. A Developer Kit is also included.

✫ SHAPE: The shape is custom-made and not available for purchase.

:[ Cosmetics ]:

✫ UNDER EYEBAG and FACE MARKINGS:  The Luv Set (under-eye bags and facemarkings) are by Iicing for the Happy EventYou get a lot of options for 99L! This set is for EvoX only. It includes 3  face markings (the stripes) in pink, purple, and white (tintable) and also includes 5 layers of eye bag options, including colors, highlights, & bases. I  have been looking for Kitsune-style markings and was so happy to find these. The Happy Event opens on the 14th and runs till the 28th. I highly recommend you grab these eyes when it opens.
Those pouty pink lips were created using CAZIMI's  Lingonberry EvoX Lipgloss (shade 3, 60%). This set comes with 12 lipgloss colors in three opacities with a shine enhancer. This lipgloss set usually is available at 250L, but a little birdy told me it will be this weekend's Saturday Sale and only 75L!. Major Deal! You do not want to miss out. CAZIMI is an excellent cosmetics designer. They feature tons of makeup (eyeshadow, blush, eyeliners, concealers, and more), mesh and applier nails, eyes, and lashes. You can't find a better designer for your cosmetic needs.

✫ EYES:  CAZIMI also created the Tightline HD Waterline eye makeup to define the upper eye. The Tightline HD Waterline (250L) consists of 5 colors with 3 lacrimal tones for Lelutka EvoX heads. I had not thought that the Tightline would make much difference in the "eye pop," but wow, I did notice a difference when I applied it.

✫ NAIL COLOR:  My Celeste nails with Gold Stars are also a find from CAZIMI. The Celeste nails are available in three sets, Gold Stars, Silver Stars, and No Stars. They are 199L a set, or you can buy the fatpack containing all mesh nail colors and matching appliers for 499L.

✫ MESH NAILS:  I am wearing CAZIMI's Ballerina Short Base Mesh Nails (1L)The nail set comes with a basic set of  5 nail colors in appliers for Omega, Legacy, Slink and Maitreya. I like the clean look of CAZIMI's nails and you can't beat the price! The nails can be used with any of CAZIMI's nail colors which are very affordable.

:[ Poses ]:

✫ PHOTOS 1 & 2: I used 2 poses from KaTink's Chic 3 Pose Set. This set comes with 5 static poses; I found the set on the Marketplace for 100L. Please note poses were adjusted using Animare (see below).

✫ PHOTOS 3: I used FoxCity's Spotlight Bento Pose Set to display the fingernails in the last photo. I picked them up on the Marketplace for 250L.

✫ I also used Animare to adjust the poses to create my image. Animare is an animation tool that allows you to reposition existing poses to align better with your avatar. It is available in-world for 699L or 859l on the Marketplace.
:[ Photo Tools & Location ]:

✫ The photos were taken at Japonica 2021 Winter Market.

✫ For lighting, I use LUMIPro. LUMIPro is a HUD worn by the photographer that controls all aspects of lights worn by the model or self. The photographer can adjust position, color, radius, and falloff. You do not need rez right to use LUMIPro. The built-in posing system controls ten models independently without needing to rez for pose stands. You can pick up a copy for 6,6995L on the Marketplace.

Disclosure of Material Connections: I may have received one or more products as review copies. Regardless, I only recommend products I personally use and believe will benefit my readers. See my full disclosure policy here.

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