Cozy Dining Area

Today I wish to share my sitting/dining nook in the Rustic Cabin, which I featured earlier this week (See post). I found several beautiful items at The Happy Event this round. I hope you like the look I put together as much as I do! See all components used below.

✫ Helheim to Valhalla | Viking Table and Chair |  99L @ The Happy Event
✫  GT Creative Design | Round Wall Planter A  |  99L @ The Happy Event 
✫  GT Creative Design |  Round Wall Planter B  |  99L @ The Happy Event
✫  GT Creative Design |  Round Wall Planter C  |  99L @ The Happy Event
✫  GT Creative Design | Vertical Garden  |  199L @ The Happy Event
✫  ChiMia  | Winterberry Curtains | 150L
✫  ChiMia  | Rustic Cabin | 1L
✫  LISP Bazaar | Restoration Ladder Bookcase 
✫  [CIRCA]  |  "Epicure" Shamrock Dinner Placing - Hamburger Meal  (past gacha item)
✫  [CIRCA]  |  "Epicure" Shamrock Dinner Placing - Chicken&Fry Meal (past gacha item)
✫  [CIRCA]  |  "Epicure" Shamrock Dinner Placing - Roast & Mash Meal (past gacha item)
✫  [CIRCA]  | "Nested" Twig Mix - Floor Light - Birch Wood (past advent gift)
✫ KaerriFabulous Apple Bowl  (part of the Fabulous Pagoda set)
✫ Kaerri | Fabulous Apples  (part of the Fabulous Pagoda set)
✫ Kaerri | Fabulous Shelf  (part of the Fabulous Pagoda set)

Disclosure of Material Connections: I may have received one or more products as review copies. Regardless, I only recommend products I personally use and believe will benefit my readers. See my full disclosure policy here.

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