Dinkie Cuteness

Happy Wednesday, Everyone! One of my favorite secret passions is my Dinkie avatar. I do not often photo it, which is a shame because I really love wearing her to do my shopping and adventuring. I love how cute she looks in the little outfits. I usually do not wear hair, preferring hoodies or hats, but I found this Freebie hair, F102,  at  KMH and couldn't resist snapping a photo. She looks so cute! The hair is initially for a CHIBIT avatar but is unrigged and resizable, so I could make it fit my Dinkie perfectly. The hair is only one color but if you buy the F012 hairstyle for regular human avatars you can use the hud in it to change the hair color. I love this hair; it is adorable! KMH makes some fantastic hairstyles, and many come unrigged and resizable. I highly recommend you check them out.

My outfit is the Alice Outfit by Suzu. It consists of a dress, tights, shoes, and a hairbow. If you like Alice in wonderland, be sure to check out Suzu's Wonderland line for Dinkies; there are some adorable outfits to be had!

The cute kite is a free gift from 8f8 at Black Kite. (Go fly a kite!).

I picked my dinkie avatar up at Ami's Dinkie World. It is the  Bento Dinkie Silver Bengal and costs 630L. There are many other colors to chose from and if a cat isn't your style, they have rabbits too!

Photo location is the Petite Village. A really photogenic sim for small avatars. I love browsing the shops and enjoying the scenery there.

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