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Today I have spent the day doing Cheeky Monkey Hunt's "Baby it's Cold Outside" Hunt, which runs until January 30th. The hunt has a nice collection of home furnishings and everyday clothing items. I always find something I like on a CMH hunt. 

Today's feature finds are:

MANDILENA GESTURES  |  Baby It's Cold Outside! Wall Decal | 1L
This is a great wall decal, catchy and timeless. It is only 1 prim. Mandilena always has a catchy phrase in a wall decal or gesture. I recommend taking a bit of time checking out their inexpensive gestures. They have something for everyone! Look for the Snowman! Your Hint: Do You Feel Lucky? Take a Seat!

Sycamore Decor  | Cheminee a Bougie ][Fireplace] |  50L!
If you like old-world elegance mixed with shabby chic, then Sycamore Decor's Fireplace is the gift you wanna find. This Fireplace can fit into so many decorating styles. And it is an excellent steal at 50L. It's a hunt exclusive! Look for the Snowman, your hint: What Gains a Head At Night, Only To Lose It In The Morning?

Other items used in decor:
✫  Elite Equestrian | Stable Rug - Cranberry | Gift from 2021 Winter Shop and Hop
✫  ChiMia  | Shelf Fillers Pack 1 | Marketplace 350L
✫  ChiMia  | Gold Minimalist Candles | Marketplace 70L
✫  ChiMia  | Hera Iris Curtains | Marketplace 220L
✫  Lloris | Floris wooden shelf. horizontal | (not sure if still available)
 [CIRCA] | "Amazon Retreat" Tropical Planter - Birds of Paradise | 275L Marketplace  
✫ Saintstreet |  Hotel Interior Scene | 0L Marketplace
✫ [ zerkalo ] The infamous Armchair | Past Advent Gift 

Disclosure of Material Connections: I may have received one or more products as review copies. Regardless, I only recommend products I personally use and believe will benefit my readers. See my full disclosure policy here.

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