Love & Light Hunt

One of the great things about holidays is the fantastic hunts that center around them. I wanted to share the "Love & Light Hunt" hosted by Myth Mystery and Magic Hunts. The Love and Light Hunt runs until February 28th. It is a grid-wide family-friendly hunt with amazing designers participating. 

The hunt items cost 1L, and you will be looking for is a heart with sunrays. 

Let's dive into the designers and gifts. 

Hint: "Oh No, I need a Redelivery!"
Silver Oak Hollow's gift is the "Healing Witch's Coffee Break" table. Land impact:5. Decorations are not removable. 

Hint: "Let me grab a Gift Card."
Little Mysteries' gift is an adorable playhouse for child or dinkie avatars. Land impact: 20.

Hint: "Take a seat, make yourself comfortable. Grab a group gift or two!"
The Bold Llama makes some of the most humorous and on spot t-shirts I have seen in Second Life. Their gift is the "Bee You" t-shirt. It is fitted for standard Classic Sizes, Legacy, Belleza, Maitreya, Ocacin, Slink Hourglass/Physique, Tonic Curvy/Fine, and Ebody.

Hint: "Play the Talking Drums!"
Harambee Gwassi-Kenya Charity Shop's gift is a cute Wheelbarrow with Fantasy Flowers to adorn your lawn. Land impact: 3.

Hint: "Sand writing & hearts walkways!"
GD for Harambee's gift is the White roses & Hearts Bush with twinkling lights. Land Impact: 3.

Hint: "Popcorn Machine!"
L&L For Harambee's gift is an inspirational wall hanging. Land Impact: 1.

Hint: "I am not on a Fair, hey, I am waiting by the Hair!"
Princess Stuff's gift is a whimsical Tree surrounded by stones and flowers. Land Impact: 5.

Hint: "I am on the first of three, the colors on this tend to blend me."
Splintered Creations spoils us with a fully decorated seating area. Land Impact: 31. If you have not visited Spintered Creations before, you should! They have the cutest decorations and participate in many hunts, so you can find some great deals!

Hint: "check the creator's desk."
Kim's Kreations gift is an adorable shabby chic day bed. It is modifiable, so you can update the textures to match your current decor. Land Impact: 10.

Hint: "I'm taking a nap in a comfy bed."
Dragonsworn's gift is a cute koala napping on a pillow. It also plays music when you click it. Land impact: 1. It is perfect if you have a little one that needs a bedtime companion. It's pretty adorable.

Hint: "Come meditate with me."
Ellen's Stuff gives us the BubbleGum Love. This is a must-have for bubblegum chewers in Second Life. It even has a popping sound!

Hint: "Go Bust. Reach for the Light!"
USC Textures gift contains "Lover's Idyll" 12 seamless 1024 px, full perm textures.

Hint: "LOVE a Cute Framed Picture"
Starlight Apparel's gift is three adorable hanging picture frames. These would look great in any room! Land impact: 1 (3 for all).

Hint: "Just Sat Here Looking Out At The World"
Mandilena Gestures gift is the "I choose to be happy" Wall Decal. Land Impact: 1.

Hint: "Take a Seat!"
Mandilena Gestures has a second gift. It is the "Hugs & Kisses" Wall Decal. Land Impact: 1.

Hint: "You can find me in the Deco&More area ;-)."
AM Designs' gift is a gorgeous White Rose Bouquet with hanging crystal beads. Simply elegant! Land impact: 4.

17. Grumble
Hint: "If you go UP, you'll have a BALL."
Grumble gift consists of the "Make my Heart Rawr" Boots. They are fitted for eBody, Legacy, Alice, Belleza, Kupra, Slink Star, Maitreya, and Tonic.

I hope you find something you like on this great hunt. Remember it runs till the 28th. So don't waste too much time waiting to complete it!

Disclosure of Material Connections: I may have received one or more products as review copies. Regardless, I only recommend products I personally use and believe will benefit my readers. See my full disclosure policy here.

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