The Perfect Bathroom

In all the rooms of my home, the one room I often neglect is the bathroom. But not today! Today I saw GT Creative Designs amazing Nature Bath and  Double Vanity. I was just "WoW!. I loved the clean lines and modern, yet rustic wood used. And added bonus, it fit my bathroom space perfectly, almost like it was made just for me! I had to share it! The double vanity and bathtub both come with single, wash, cuddle, and adult animations. The set is on sale at The Happy Event for 799L. The event runs until the 28th.

GT Creative Designs also made the wonderful "Love Shelf". It is 50% off at the Cheeky WOW! Event Room for 75L. It fits perfectly with the Nature bath and double vanity. The Cheeky WOW! event runs until the 25th.

The Aquatic Fish Rug was made by Rupsy Roo. I don't think they are an active creator in Second Life. 

My skybox is Apple Fall's New York Studio Apartment. It is a fantastic find. I love Apple Fall's skyboxes; they are so clean and bright-looking. They have a way of making a small space feel large. The New York Skybox is 13m x 16m with a land impact of 10. They have a demo at their main store if you would like to check it out in person. It was free; I am not sure if it still is.

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