Bit 'O Luck for Charlie!

Well, I have the house ready, my outfit picked out, and now it is time to dress Charlie up for the St. Patrick's Day festivities too! For this, I turned to Run for the Roses (R4R,  LE Shop | Teegle Shop | Flickr | Marketplace).  

 The R4R skin Charlie is sporting today is the "Bit 'o Luck" It is the St. Patrick's Day 75L Special (until the 17th!) The applier is for Teeglepet Horses and Avatars (includes skin, eye, hoof, and eyelash textures). You can find the skin here! Please note, I changed the mane, feathers and tail by editing the horse myself (select edit linked parts).

Charlie is a "Barley," the Belgian Horse (1,500L non-copy or 6,000L copyable) by TeegleTeegle has a dozen (probably more) Teeglepet Horse Breeds to choose from. You can rez your Horse on your land to ride or let it wander. It can sit up to three people, or you can wear it from your inventory. It is a fully animated horse controlled via hud. You can walk, trot, canter, and gallop! You can set your Horse to wander and limit the distance via hud. There are privacy settings to prevent the theft of your beloved Horse. But if somehow it does get stolen or wanders off, never fear. You can track it and have it delivered home via the Teegle website. Do note there are two ways to buy a Teeglepet Horse; one is the no-copy version (1,500L) the other is a copyable version (6,000L). The non-copy version does just as it says, you can not make a copy of the Horse, but you can get it redelivered if you lose it. The copyable version lets you rez as many as your land can hold. You can go crazy with this version. If you don't have the money to buy a copyable version now, don't worry, you can purchase the non-copy version and upgrade to a copyable version later for 4,500L.

My background is RVi Design's Horse Rance Homestead Mega Pack (5,200L) includes a barn house (129li); a large barn (46li); a small barn with a tack room and stall (19li); single stalls (9li); a paddock (30li); a complete set of horse care items (1-3li); full set of hay bales (0.5-1 li); large variety of garden equipment, landscape decor and plants (0.5-10li). Altogether it is 480li for 130 items in an easy-to-use rez system. You will need 40x40 meters on a flat parcel. Each piece can be purchased separately if you prefer to add to what you already have. They are all on sale 20-50% off at the Home and Garden Expo. I featured it in a previous post if you want to see more details. Don't tarry. The event is over on the 20th!

Disclosure of Material Connections: I may have received one or more products as review copies. Regardless, I only recommend products I personally use and believe will benefit my readers. See my full disclosure policy here.

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