H&G Feature: Fantavatar & Moonstruck

Today's feature designer is  FANTAVATAR & MOONSTRUCK (F&M)

F&M created the  Forest Cottage II as a new exclusive release in which sale income will go to Relay for Life of SL. It will be available at the Home & Garden Expo event, which runs until March 20th. The build is 50li.

The interior is a spacious one room with a massive fireplace with stairs that lead to a loft.

The loft is half the size of the overall room and has a window. On the home's exterior, some ladders span up the back so you can have a sitting area on top.

About the Home and Garden Expo:
The Home and Garden Expo is the largest and longest-running event of its kind in Second Life. Its main goal is supporting Relay For Life through its fundraising efforts. The event runs until March 20th. There are 9 sims of unique Home and Garden Designs to explore, a 10L hunt, special events, and an auction!! See all the details on their website

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