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 Salmagundi creates some of the most realistic life-like sculptures I have ever seen. They are so unique you have got to check them out. I even purchased some to use in my future blog posts. They looked so good! They also have a vast selection, from children to adult service workers to mystical creatures. Do you need a static statute that looks real? Something that will make your place pop? Salmagundi is the place to visit; they have everything! Here are some of my favorites:

My favorite is Maddie the Cleaner. I have always wanted my own maid! 
She is 11 prims, static.

Raffaela, the Mime, tickled me to no end. I love mimes!
 She is 11 prims and available in 5 different poses.

The Jester is another favorite of mine. He is available with or without his face painted in five different poses. He is only 5 prims. He is sure to bring joy to any medieval castle setting!

I was amazed at how life-like Dennis - the waiter looked. Dennis is an RLF item. He looks like the guy that works at the diner down the road from my house, very freaky! If you don't like how he looks, they have several other waiters/waitresses of varying races/ethnicities to choose from. The diversity was a pleasant surprise!

I really liked how foreboding the Street Cop looked. I want him to stand outside my house and just glare at the kids. They are too noisy!! He is available in different poses, even one writing a ticket! You know you need that on your Sim. People just don't know how to park these days!

And the children, did I mention the children? Salmagundi makes a ton of children statues. If you have a park and need scenery, These kids are perfect for you. Just don't forget to get the cop to keep them in line. They look very mischievous!!
About the Home and Garden Expo:
The Home and Garden Expo is the largest and longest-running event of its kind in Second Life. Its main goal is supporting Relay For Life through its fundraising efforts. The event runs until March 20th. There are 9 sims of unique Home and Garden Designs to explore, a 10L hunt, special events, and an auction!! See all the details on their website

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