MMM HUNTS: Upbeat Unicorn Hunt!

 Myth Mystery and Magic Hunts have brought us another great hunt for the whole family to enjoy! The "Upbeat Unicorn hunt" runs until March 29th. It is a grid-wide family-friendly hunt with amazing designers participating. 

The hunt items cost 1L, and you will be looking for a unicorn statue on a pedestal. DisturbeD created the hunt prims. You can check out their in-world store for other great full perm designs!

Let's dive into the designers and gifts. 

1) Silver Oak Hollow [TAXI]
Hint: "Look for the item image in the entry of the main store"
Gift: The gift is the "Unicorn in the Blossoms". It is 12li and simply amazing! This would look great in a yard with a nice swing or chair next to it.

2) Silver Oak Hollow [TAXI]
Hint: "Look for the item image in the entry of the main store"
Gift: It is like Silver Oak Hollow anticipated us needing a nice sitting area to admire the new unicorn they gave us in their last gift! The "Elven garden Bench" is a wonderfully whimsical garden bench, perfect to set next to gift #1! It is 6li.

3) Silver Oak Selde [TAXI]
Hint: "Look for the item image in the entry of the main store"
Gift: Silver Oak Selde's gift to you is the "Happy Unicorn Set" for ToddleeDoo & Bebe avatars. This is a simply adorable unicorn clothing set! Included are sneakers, sweatpants, and a sweatshirt.

4) Harambee Gwassi-Kenya Charity Shop [TAXI]
Hint: "Play the Talking Drums!"
Gift: Harambee Gwassi-Kenya Charity Shop's gift to us is the "Thatched Heart Jewelry Set". This is great jewelry set for a day when you're feeling casual and want something cute to accent your outfit.

5) The Bold Llama T-Shirt Company [TAXI]
Hint: "Pastel unicorns, pastel llamas - they all come from the same place"
Gift: The Bold Llama T-Shirt Company is my favorite place to pick up quirky and fun T-shirts to match my ever-shifting moods. Their gift is an adorable "Pastel Unicorn" T-shirt. It is fitted for Maitreya, Legacy, Belleza, Slink, Ebody, Ocacin, TMP, Tonic, and Standard Sizes.

6) Wiccan Wears [TAXI]
Hint: "Nevermore was repeated by this bird telling the speaker he will never see his love again."
Gift: Wiccan Wears' gift is the sexy "Kellie Emerald Shimmer Dress". It is fitted for Belleza, Maitreya, Slink, and Sig-alice. Boy does this dress shimmer, I love this dress, it is slated for wear on my next visit to the clubs. The fringe under the breast and hips is a perfect touch to help you stand out from all those other girls in short dresses! 

7) Splintered Creations [TAXI]
Hint:  "Do you feel lucky?"
Gift: Splintered Creations' gift has total WOW! factor going on. I opened it up and instantly wished I had a large estate to place it in front of for all visiting to pass and gasp in awe at. The "Unicorn Water Feature" is so amazing. It is only 29Li. It stands taller than my avatar! My picture does not do this item justice at all! Splintered Creations never fails to amaze me with their generosity in the hunts they participate in, and they participate in a lot. While there be sure to check out all their amazing designs, it's well worth it!

8) Dragonsworn [TAXI]
Hint: "Up, up, up by the flowing water reflected"
Gift: Dragonsworn's gift is an adorable "unicorn cake" that dispenses cupcakes when clicked. This is so cute. You need this if you have guests often, who doesn't want a sweet unicorn-shaped cupcake!

9) USC Textures [TAXI]
Hint: "Unicorns Gather together"
Gift: USC's gift is the "Unicorn Dreams" texture set. It consists of 12 seamless, 1024px, full perm textures. Perfect for renovating a nursery if a baby is in your future!

10) Mandilena Gestures [TAXI]
Hint: "Even Unicorns need a rest.  I'll just lean against this post for a while."
Gift: Mandilena Gestures' gift is the "Sparkle like a Unicorn Wall decal." This is a cute and adorable way to give any room a bit of unique character while uplifting your spirit in difficult times.

11) .Lunaria. [TAXI]
Hint: "Feeling a bit PRISMATIC today!"
Gift: Lunaria's gift is the "Unicorn Meadow". It is perfect for creating a bight cheery meadow in which to frolic with your loved ones. Lunaria is one of my favorite places to visit for my landscaping needs. I adore their products and highly recommend you check the shop out thoroughly, who knows what other great need-to-have items you will find!

12) L&L for Harambee [TAXI]
Hint: "Popcorn Machine!"
Gift: L&L for Harambee's gift is the "Never Give Up on Your Dreams Wall Hanging Drape". This inspirational wall hanging is sure to cheer you up and remind you what you want in life matters too!

13) GD for Harambee [TAXI]
Hint: "Baskets of spices!"
Gift: GD for Harambee's gift is a fantastic "Water Lillies with wave effects". This is a beautiful item to set in your water features to give them a bit of sparkle and life!

14) Zara Mesh [TAXI]
Hint: "Such a pretty day, I think I'll rest in the shade of this bench"
Gift: Zara Mesh's gift is a really cute "Inflatable Unicorn". Just in time to get prepped for the summer fun coming in the future months. This is full perm mesh! It comes with everything you need to create your own unique inflatable unicorn or you can use the demo provided inside!


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