One Way or Another...

 The hunters had the poor girl trapped in a corner. She couldn't help who her parents were, and yet here they were judging her on her looks. She wasn't evil. She hadn't harmed anyone. All she wanted to do was exist. Just like they did. She couldn't cut off her tail and horns, any more than the hunters would chop off their arms and feet. The world was just so unfair, she thought mournfully as the glowing entrapment orbs flowed through the air toward her to send her back to hell. Ha! Back to hell, as if she had ever been there in the first place. She was born in the human world and was part of the human world. Sending her to hell would be like deporting a human born to immigrants back to their parent's homeland, not knowing the language and norms. She was so dead if she was sent to hell.

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✫ DRESS: The "One Way or Another Dress in Wine is by Entice. It is one of the fantastic outfits you can get free on the Lucky Letter Boards. The dress is fitted for Freya, Isis, Maitreya, Physique, and Hourglass. I have been a fan and follower of Entice for years. Entice specializes in women's original casual, formal, and fantasy apparel. They have something for everyone's style. They have an in-world group (free to join) to keep you abreast of store updates, sales, special events, and group slap boards for free goodies.  
✫ COLLAR:  I picked up the Halo Posture Collar by Razor for 599L. It is fitted for Slink, Maitreya, and Belleza mesh body systems. It comes with a texture change hud to control the colors. It has an excellent selection of color textures to customize the collar. I really love the look of this collar. It is elegantly laced up in the back, and it's perfect for slimming the neck and hiding necklines.

✫ EYESHADOW:  CAZIMI also created the Cocktail EvoX Eyeshadow shade 10 Gold, 60%. The Cocktail EvoX Eyeshadow consists of 12 BOM eyeshadow bases in 3 opacities, and eyeliner for Lelutka EvoX heads only.  

✫ LIPSTICK:   The kissable lips are from CAZIMI's  AXIOM EvoX Lipstick- REDS shade 8, 100%. This set comes with 12 lipgloss colors and a gloss enhancer in three options. The AXIOM collection consists of  3 color packs: pinks, reds, peaches. These sets are NEW for Saturday Sale this weekend, March 19th & 20th, 75L each, or all 3 for 199L. For Lelutka EvoX heads in EvoX mode only.  CAZIMI is an excellent cosmetics designer. They feature tons of makeup (eyeshadow, blush, eyeliners, concealers, and more), mesh and applier nails, eyes, and lashes. You can't find a better designer for your cosmetic needs.

✫ HEAD and BODY SKIN:  The lovely and versatile Lianna Skin is by .:Soul:. Lianna is a Generation 3 [G3] skin. I am wearing the [H5] human skin tone. The head skin is only for EvoX. The head skin and body skin are sold separately. Both head and body skins are available in 16 human and fantasy skin tone variations. There are demos available to try before you buy. You can pick the Head Skin up for 899L for each skin tone or buy a fatpack of all 8 human or 8 fantasy skins for 5,999L each. The body skin is available for Belleza, Legacy, Omega, and Slink for 449L each skin tone or 2,999L for the fatpack. If you join the .:Soul:. VIP group (350L), you can get a 15% discount on every purchase and free group gifts and teasers on new releases, updates, and store sales. 
✫ EYES: I am wearing IKON's 'Hope' Eyes in Crimson (L). IKON's eyes are affordable at 150-170L each, and if you join their in-world group, you can get a free set of eyes. Ikon's Eye sets come with IKON Mesh Eyes that are HUD controlled. You also get appliers for Lelutka, Omega, Genus, and Catwa, as well as BOM Layers in multiple eye sizes. I have worn IKON eyes for years. I highly recommend them because they are affordable and have a massive range of colors and styles.

✫ HAIR:  I picked up the lovely Joya Hairstyle at Doux for 550L (basic pack with deluxe hud). Joya is a fitted mesh hairstyle; the basic package includes 1 hairstyle and the fatpack color HUD. The deluxe hud consists of all stylings (4) available with the hair and color tint abilities. You will need to buy the basic pack for the hair before you buy the deluxe, as the deluxe is only a hud. The hair is in the basic package. Demos are available to try before you buy.

✫ WINGS: The Nireus Wings are by Material Squirrel. I have had these since 2015. They are no longer available in-world that I can find. Material Squirrel has a wide selection of wings at their store if you want something unique.

✫ FOREHEAD HORNS:  The adorable Geit Horns are by .:Soul:. The horns are unrigged, materials enabled, and feature 24 horn colors and a hud with skin textures. The horns are BOM enabled, and the skin mounds can be hidden. There are 8 color packs (Geode, Seasons, Crackle, Stone, Marble, and Ram) you can buy individually (249L) a color pack or in a fatpack (999L). Each pack comes with 21 new textures to customize your horns. Don't forget to join the .:Soul:. VIP group (350L), you can get a 15% discount on every purchase and free group gifts and teasers on new releases, updates, and store sales. 
✫ TAIL: Atomic created the Demon Tail. The tail is animated via an AO and made for female avatars. There are 15 animations made for most actions of the avatar. The tail is customizable via a HUD. You can adjust the base and tip of the tail separately.

✫ HEAD: I am wearing Lelutka's Avalon Mesh Head in this post. At the time of this posting, this head costs 3,990L. This head can support  Evolution (EVO) and Evolution X (EvoX) skins. The Avalon set comes with a Head, Teeth, Mesh Eyes, Elf Ears, and many bonus goodies like hairbases, face light, multiple teeth accessories like braces, ear piercings, and samples of cosmetic tattoos. It is Bakes on Mesh Ready (BOM) and comes with a default shape, Head and Ear skins in BOM layers, and skin, brow, and eye applier. Avatar complexity for the head alone is approximately +5738 (Head, Teeth, and Eyes). Lelutka is my go-to place for mesh heads. I love their style, quality, and ease of use for their huds. I own several of their heads. There are demos available for you to try before you buy.

✫ BODY: Today's body of choice is Maitreya's Lara Mesh Body. The Lara Mesh Body is Bakes on Mesh Ready (BOM). The body includes Bom add-on parts, a save stick to save your configurations, Bento hands, with hand poses and hand AO built into the HUD. The body has the 5 default foot shapes (Flat, Low, Mid, High, and Ballet). The HUD comes loaded with 22 Glam Affair skin tones, and BOM layers are provided. There are five nail shape options and 19 nail polish options. Alphas are controlled via HUD. There are over 200 possible selections. The body comes with mesh lingerie made by Erratic and BOM Layers by Zaara. At the time of posting, the Maitreya Lara Mesh Body costs 2,750L. This is the mesh body I wear the most; I really like the softer curves, and  I find most outfits are offered in their shape. If you prefer a petite or flat look, Maitreya has add-ons for the Lara Mesh Body for 499-599L each. The Lara Mesh Body, the Petite Add-on, and the Flat-Chest Add-on have demos available to try before you buy.

✫ SHAPE:  My shape is the Brittany Skin Shape by Velour. I received it with my purchase of the Brittany Head Skin for Lelutka EvoX (799l) (not worn in this shoot).

 ✫ BACKDROP: The First District Backdrop (420L) is by Zero Ichi. It is available at the Cyber Fair. The Cyber Fair runs till the 23rd.

POSE: Kirin - Awe and Wonder Pose 3

✫ For lighting, I use LUMIPro. LUMIPro is a HUD worn by the photographer that controls all aspects of lights worn by the model or self. The photographer can adjust position, color, radius, and falloff. You do not need rez right to use LUMIPro. The built-in posing system controls ten models independently without needing to rez for pose stands. You can pick up a copy for 6,699L on the Marketplace.

Disclosure of Material Connections: I may have received one or more products as review copies. Regardless, I only recommend products I personally use and believe will benefit my readers. See my full disclosure policy here.

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