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 Teegle has released their newest horse, "Gambler," the Quarter Horse, just in time for the Home and Garden Expo. The Home and Garden Expo is the largest and longest-running event of its kind in Second Life. Its main goal is supporting Relay For Life through its fundraising efforts. The event runs until March 20th. There are 9 sims of unique Home and Garden Designs to explore, a 10L hunt, special events, and an auction!! See all the details on their website

Gamber is a beautiful splashed white paint. It is 42 impact. You can rez it on your land to ride or wander. It can sit up to three people, or you can wear it from your inventory. It is a fully animated horse controlled via hud. You can walk, trot, canter, and gallop! You can set your horse to wander and limit the distance via hud. There are privacy settings so you can prevent the theft of your beloved horse. But if somehow it does get stolen or wanders off, never fear. You can track it and have it delivered home via the Teegle website. You can try a free demo at the Home and Garden Expo; here's your Taxi. Do note there are two ways to buy a Teeglepet Horse; one is the no-copy version (1,500L) the other is a copyable version (6,000L). The non-copy version does just as it says, you can not make a copy of the horse, but you can get it delivered if you lose it. The copyable version lets you rez as many as your land can hold. You can go crazy with this version. If you don't have the money to buy a copyable version now, don't worry, you can purchase the non-copy version and upgrade to a copyable version later for 4,500L.

[Snickerdoodle Bay Appaloosa ]

Teegle also released their "Snickerdoodle" Appaloosa Skins for Teeglepet Horses. I couldn't resist picking the setup. As a horse-crazed girl, I always preferred a pretty Appaloosa coat. I loved the sprinkle of white over the hindquarters. The texture applier set includes a single marking with four base colors plus hoof and eye appliers. I have included pictures of all the pretty coats (see below). Which one do you like the most? You can pick this set up at the Home and Garden Expo. Here is your Taxi!

[Snickerdoodle Bay Roan Appaloosa]

[Snickerdoodle Grey Appaloosa]

[Snickerdoodle Mouse Appaloosa]

[Snickerdoodle Rose Appaloosa]

While at the Home and Garden Expo, be sure to check out Teegle's Lil' Ranchhand Modular Run-In Sheds & Barns (850L). This is a fully modular rin-in shed and barn with 7 prefab configurations (11-30 land impact); there are three-stall layouts with one, two, or three stalls with and without tack rooms, stall dividers, and stall gates. They are also customizable via hud. There are 8 building color options and 4 gate color options. They are copy, modify, no transfer, so you can mix and match and modify it to fit as many horses as you need. There is a demo set up at the Home and Garden Expo. Here is your Taxi.

Also in the picture above is Teegle's new Farm Gate, a country-style pole gate. It looked so good I used it as fencing around my paddock. You get four-color versions; each is 5 land impacts. They swing open/closed. You can pick up a copy at the Home and Garden Expo for 50L. Here is your Taxi.

For those of you who love to accessories and decorate for immersion, Teegle has a lot of goodies you will want to check out at the Home and Garden Expo. Here are my favorite three immersion items:

✫ The Tack Trunk Rezzer 400L, TAXI. This was just wow! It comes with two versions with or without logos. I absolutely loved that I could put my logo on my tack box. If you don't have a logo, you could put your horse's picture on it to help know which box belongs to which horse. Now you may be thinking, why does that matter? Well, if you have as many horses as I do, you will want to keep the tack separated by horse breed so that it doesn't get all confusing trying to put a Shetland's saddle on a Belgian, for instance. To use the rezzer, you drag your horse's tack in the trunk's inventory to quickly rez your horse's outfit changes. You will still need to link it to your horse once it's rezzed, but it is convenient to keep it organized and stored to be easily accessible. The instruction on setting it up was a breeze to follow, and if you have trouble, you can join Teegle's Discord to get help.

✫ The Interactive hitching Post, 250L, TAXIOnce set up, the interactive hitching post will hitch to your horse through your horse's menu. A halter with tied lead rope will automatically attach to your horse when connecting it to the post. It comes with a color change hud with six post textures and 8 rope textures. You can customize the colors also via a color picker. 

✫ The Horse Grooming Kit, 125L, TAXIThe horse grooming kit is 11 land impact and has five color options. This is perfect for decorating your personal stables!

I hope you liked what I shared today. This was only a tiny bit of what Teegle has on display at the Home and Garden Expo. I recommend you get your boots on and go check it all out. Here is your Taxi, in case you missed all the previous ones. Happy shopping, everyone!

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