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I know you are thinking, but you already featured RVi last week! I know, I know, but I absolutely love their builds. They are so creative and fun to explore! RVi Design by Roshy Aura offers you a variety of indoor and outdoor accessories, builds, and landscape designs. I have been searching for a home for my horse, Charlie; no ordinary stable will do for him. He is a prince among horses and deserves the best. So when I came across RVi's Horse Rance Homestead Mega Pack, I had to check it out. And boy, I was not disappointed; this place has everything a horse owner could want! 

The Horse Rance Homestead Mega Pack (5,200L) includes a barn house (129li); a large barn (46li); a small barn with a tack room and stall (19li); single stalls (9li); a paddock (30li); a complete set of horse care items (1-3li); full set of hay bales (0.5-1 li); large variety of garden equipment, landscape decor and plants (0.5-10li). Altogether it is 480li for 130 items in an easy-to-use rez system. You will need 40x40 meters on a flat parcel. Let me give you a tour!

As all proper guests should, let's start at the property's main house, an upcycled old barn. You first encounter the adorable plant stands and a working mailbox where your friends leave you messages. A wide flagstone path leads to the front porch. You slide the refurbished barn doors apart to reveal french glass doors upon reaching the vine cover pergola porch!

Upon entering, the flooring in the main room is half flagstone and half rustic reclaimed wood planks. In the center of the room, at the far end, is a vast rustic stone fireplace with a built-in wood cubby. 

Off the main room is a small tiled room, perfect to put your claw-footed tub in!

A cable-supported spiral staircase leads upstairs to reveal a cozy loft, with a small gallery and balcony overlooking the far side of the house.

Exiting through the side doors in the main room, you step out on a wrap-around porch facing a rustic split log paddock. The paddock comes equipped with a food and hay trough, salt lick, and water trough.

The horse is not included. It is Teegle's newest release, "Gambler," the Quarter Horse (1,500L) in Teegle's "Snickerdoodle" Appaloosa Skins (450L), both available at the Home and Garden Expo. I will have a future post giving a closer look at both.

You have a dirt path leading to the barn, a stable area at the back of the house, and a wonderful little garden with yard decor.

Did I mention the Barn and Stable Area is customizable to fit the size you need? It rezzes with a large barn, a small loft barn, and three single stable spaces, but the barn and stable area are composed of three modular builds (Large Barn, Small Loft Barn with Tack Room, and Single Stable). This means that you can rez extra or remove them to modify the size of the stable area if you need more or less barn and stable space. Rarely do you find a build like this that allows you to expand if needed!

Every item in this mega pack is a copy and mod version, so you can have as many as you wish. You can re-texture and tint the multi-face mesh objects. The scripts are no mod but can be replaced with your own if needed. Please keep in mind resizing any mesh object may cause a change in the land impact or disposition of the animations. Always keep a backup copy of the original design. 

The large barn features multiple exits with sliding doors, two stalls, and access to a large loft area.

The horse is not included. It is Teegle's "Barley," the Belgian Horse (1,500L) in  Run for the Rose's Sakura Gray Skin (250L), available at the Home and Garden Expo. I will have a future post giving a closer look at the skin.

The large loft area in the large barn is spacious enough to hold a party there! It comes preloaded with hay on the floors and hay bales. I can see a cuddle blanket being snuck in there one late-romantic night easily!

The small loft barn with a tack room is spacious and the perfect size for stashing that huge collection of horse accessories we all know you have accumulated into your inventory, just waiting to display it to the world.

The single stalls are spacious and leave plenty of room around your horses, so it doesn't feel unrealistic and break the immersion. 

The Caution Stallion Sign is not part of RVi's package. I couldn't resist adding it. The sign is by EitshEks HX Creations and is available for 49L at the Home and Garden Expo. I will feature more of their stuff in a later post.

The horse is not included. It is Teegle's  "Emperador," the Andalusian Horse (1,500L). You can find it at the  Home and Garden Expo or their main store.

The unique yard decor spread around the homestead makes the place feel homey and lived in. I highly recommend checking this build-out. Each piece can be purchased separately if you prefer to add to what you already have. They are all on sale 20-50% off right now at the Home and Garden Expo. Here is your Taxi. Don't tarry. The event is over on the 20th!

One of the great things about the Home and Garden Expo is discovering unique builders you never knew existed before. That is probably one of my favorite things I look forward to each year. The Home and Garden Expo is the largest and longest-running event of its kind in Second Life. Its main goal is supporting Relay For Life through its fundraising efforts. The event runs until March 20th. There are 9 sims of unique Home and Garden Designs to explore, a 10L hunt, special events, and an auction!! See all the details on their website

Disclosure of Material Connections: I may have received one or more products as review copies. Regardless, I only recommend products I personally use and believe will benefit my readers. See my full disclosure policy here.

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