A magical time for all.

 Do not be fooled; this picture was not taken at night. No, this image was taken mid-day on the outskirts of a bustling mining town, down deep in the Hunros Mines. It is a town full of prospectors hoping to have their fortunes made, but many found that mining here was difficult indeed if you lacked the spark for magic. So they turned to technology to siphon off the magic from the lands. This, in turn, created an imbalance in the natural order of things causing magical sprigs and talidunrums to spew from the mines in spiteful blue bursts. These bursts stole the essences from the unwary, causing darkness to fall over the town. Bad for the townsfolk, but good for me because they are out of time, and I have all the time in the world. 

Who am I? Well, I am no one, really. Many call me names that I can't really repeat but my Ma, what I remember of her, called me Mar, short for Marvellous. Now, ain't that a mother's love there! I am a tiefling. A what, you say? A tiefling --  a byproduct of the unexpected frolicking of a human and demon, consensual or not. Never really know with demons; they are a fickle lot. Not really a good start in life for me considering demons are hunted and rarely given a chance to defend themselves before they are forcefully exported back to their plane of not-so-peaceful existence. 

My Da was a Chronos Demon; he could stem the flow of time and ease the absorption of spirits back into the World Clock. He and my Ma, they got along alright up until the moment they didn't. Then Ma had him excommunicated from her life and mine. That's how she explained it to me the day she gave me my legacy. That's right, my Da's hammer, Judge. Da called it "Judge," as in it judged if you had any time left in this life as he smote you with it. If you lived through the smiting, you were deemed worthy of life; if not, back to the big ol' World Clock for you. Da had a sense of humor, it seemed. I would have liked to have been old enough to remember him better before his ticket was punched. 

Well, it seems I have digressed, and time has slipped away from me a bit. I am only half Chronos after all, not the master my Da was. The Judge and I have some smiting to do, a town to set right. Take care of yourself, stranger, and watch the level and quality of your essence. If you run into issues, here is my card; call me. The Judge and I will be happy to see you cleaned. Until then, why don't you go shopping? I have a whole list of needful things below for you.

✫ DRESS:  Jelly created the scandalously sheer Myra Dress. This alluring number is available in a special RFL version (Black, 299l) and six vibrantly colored versions (299l ea or 1,999l fatpack) at the Fantasy Faire. The dress is fitted for Maitreya, Legacy, and Reborn. The fatpack hud changes the collar, trim, and fabric of the skirt separately. Demos are available.

✫ BODYSUIT:  The Lutesha Bodysuit is a sizzling design by Hot Stuff. The bodysuit is fitted for Maitreya, Erika, Kupra, Legacy, and reborn. It comes with a texture change hud with 10 color selections. You can pick it up at their main store for 199L.

✫ ORNAMENT PASTIES:  The Ornament pasties "Misteria" are created by ANTAYA . They are one of their many amazing Fantasy Faire RFL items. The pasties are color changeable with four texture colors. They cost 250L. These are the prettiest pasties I have ever seen. Definitely a must-have if you like to run around elegantly adorned bare-chested in the non-adult zones.

✫ BATTLE HAMMER: The Celestial Hammer (RFL Edition) is one of the many amazing designs on sale at the Fantasy Faire by Vae + Victis. This is a highly detailed creation that totally needs to be added to your collection. It is a steal at 200L. With your purchase, you get the Celestial Hammer and an animation hud with four poses. If you would like the Celestial Hammer in a customizable version, you can pick up "The Judge" Celestial hammer it comes with a 14-color texture hud and a custom pose hud. The full version costs 500L. Also note, that if you like the bright and vibrant foliage that decorates the Sylvuselah Sim you can pick up copies of it at the Vae + Victis shop at the Fantasy Faire too! 

✫ HORNS & BLINDFOLD: The Finder Horns by Blue Blood are a unique set of unrigged mesh horns with animated eyes. The eye band is included. All of it is materials enabled and you can customize the eyes (6 colors) and the eye band (4 colors). You can find these and many more uniquely designed horns by Blue Blood at the Fantasy Faire until May 8th. This set costs 199L.

✫ BACKPACK: The Unchain Backpack is a delightful creation by Butanik83. It is one of the Fantasy Faire RFL items. It costs 250L. It is customizable with 8 metal and 2 stone textures. This is the perfect item to create a conversation centerpiece for your roleplay sessions.

✫ BRACELETS:  The Dragonborn Bracelets are by Alegria. I have had these since 2015. They are no longer available in-world.

✫ ANIMESH COMPANION:  The *Obake (owannu-black), is a one-eyed small ghost that flits around your head. It is one of the Fantasy Faire RFL items on sale by [ ridi-ludi-fool ]. This adorable little Animesh ghost only costs 80L. It is transfer only, so it would make a perfect gift your any of your friends.

✫ EYELASHES: CAZIMI  created the Sweetness LashesThese lashes are perfect for the days that I want to have a bit of "pop" to my eyes. The set includes a variety of 8 eyelash styles. The set comes with Omega and Lelutka Evo/X appliers. They are tintable. It's how I got that beautiful red on my images. This set was on sale over the last weekend for the Saturday sale for 75L. It was still on sale just before I posted this. If it comes off sale it will be 250L. So don't tarry get going to see if you can catch the tail end of this great sale.

✫ LIPSTICK:  Those pouty red lips were created using CAZIMI's Juicy EvoX Gloss.  The Juicy EvoX Gloss lipsticks are BoM with 12 lipgloss colors in three opacities with a shine enhancer. CAZIMI is an excellent cosmetics designer. I am wearing #10 in 100%. They feature tons of makeup (eyeshadow, blush, eyeliners, concealers, and more), mesh and applier nails, eyes, and lashes. You can't find a better designer for your cosmetic needs.

✫ EYESHADOW: The Eyeshadow is from the preloaded makeup options in the Avalon Mesh Head hud.

✫ HEAD and BODY SKIN:  The lovely Lianna Skin - Dantela F20 is a new release from .:Soul:. The Lianna-Dantela an RFL donation item available at the Fantasy Faire, which runs until May 8th.  The skin is available for Belleza, Legacy, Chai, Slink, and Universal for 1,499L. The set includes all body versions and tattoos, as well as muscled/toned, full/soft breast, brow/no brow, cover-up/down layers, and ear skins (UNI, Evox, and swallow Gauged Ears). There is a male version too!

✫ EYES: Oiche created the Elemental Dragon Eyes. The set comes with 10 eye colors in mesh and bom eyes. They are on sale for 250L at the Fantasy Faire, which runs until May 8th.

✫ HAIR:   The No Nope hair is by No.Match. The hairstyle is rigged and available in five color packs (Unicorn, Blonde, Black & White, Brown, and Red) for 200L each or you can pick up the fatpack for 800L. The hair comes in two sizes with three bust options. Demos are avaliable.
✫ HEAD: I am wearing Lelutka's Avalon Mesh Head. At the time of purchase, this head cost 3,990L. This head can support Evolution (EVO) and Evolution X (EvoX) skins. The Avalon set comes with a Head, Teeth, Mesh Eyes, Elf Ears, and many bonus goodies like hairbases, face light, multiple teeth accessories like braces, ear piercings, and samples of cosmetic tattoos. It is Bakes on Mesh Ready (BOM) and comes with a default shape, Head and Ear skins in BOM layers, and skin, brow, and eye applier. Avatar complexity for the head alone is approximately +5738 (Head, Teeth, and Eyes). Lelutka is my go-to place for mesh heads. I love their style, quality, and ease of use for their huds. I own several of their heads. There are demos available for you to try before you buy.

✫ BODY: The Lara Mesh Body by Maitreya is BOM (Bakes On Mesh) ready. The body includes Bom add-on parts, a save stick to save your configurations, Bento hands with hand poses, and hand AO built into the HUD. The body has the 5 default foot shapes (Flat, Low, Mid, High, and Ballet). The HUD comes loaded with 22 Glam Affair skin tones, and BOM layers are provided. There are five nail shape options and 19 nail polish options. Alphas are controlled via HUD. There are over 200 possible selections. The body comes with mesh lingerie made by Erratic and BOM Layers by Zaara. At the time of posting, the Maitreya Lara Mesh Body costs 2,750L. This is the mesh body I wear the most; I really like the softer curves, and  I find most outfits are offered in their shape. If you prefer a petite or flat look, Maitreya has add-ons for the Lara Mesh Body for 499-599L each. The Lara Mesh Body, the Petite Add-on, and the Flat-Chest Add-on have demos available to try before you buy.

✫ SHAPE:  My shape is the Brittany Skin Shape by Velour. I received it with my purchase of the Brittany Head Skin for Lelutka EvoX (799l) (Skin not worn in this shoot).

✫ POSE: Belle Poses Halle Pose I and Joss 6 non-bento pose. (The arm positions of the pose were modified by the hammer I am holding).
✫ PHOTO LOCATION:  THE HUNROS MINE | SLURLSponsored by The Children of Stories & Realm of Rosemont

✫ For lighting, I use LUMIPro. LUMIPro is a HUD worn by the photographer that controls all aspects of lights worn by the model or self. The photographer can adjust position, color, radius, and falloff. You do not need rez right to use LUMIPro. The built-in posing system controls ten models independently without needing to rez for pose stands. You can pick up a copy for 6,699L on the Marketplace.


      Fantasy Faire 2022  April 21 – May 8
A Benefit for the American Cancer Society

Celebrating its thirteenth year, Fantasy Faire 2022 is the largest gathering of fantasy designers, enthusiasts, role players, and performers in the virtual world. Treat yourself to sixteen days of shopping, live music concerts, auctions, hunts, events, and role-playing as thousands of Second Life residents and creators bring their own visions together to support the American Cancer Society’s vision of a world without cancer. Over 250 of the grid’s top fantasy creators participating in the fair that spans 20 uniquely decorated sims forming a circle of lands. There are many fantastic designs to peruse, beautiful environments to explore, and many activities to attend. You do not want to miss this incredible event.

  Disclosure of Material Connections: I may have received one or more products as review copies. Regardless, I only recommend products I personally use and believe will benefit my readers. See my full disclosure policy here.

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