Fantastic Home for 75L!

Today's feature home is by ChiMia. The Norsk Loft is an elegant 32 li skyloft. It consists of two rooms divided by a slotted rail wall. Don't let the little size of this skybox fool you. It is packed with elegance and a modern design. I especially liked the floor textures!

It is available in 11 colors individually or you can buy the fat pack and get all the colors! There is a demo in-world where you can test all the colors in person to decide which best suits your personality. If you hurry you can get it on sale for 75L. Taxi here

I couldn't resist decorating up a sitting area to share with you how great this place looks. See below for details of the furnishings.
✫ ChiMia: Alexander Collection (PG) 450L
Sofa: 52 PG poses/animations; several color options via texture change menu when clicking pillows. 4 land impact. Sits 2 avatars.
Armchair: 36 PG poses/animations; several color options via texture change menu when clicking pillows. 2 land impact. Sits 1 avatar.
Ottoman: Several color options via texture change menu when clicking the ottoman. 1 land impact.

✫ ChiMia: Les Landes Sabots Stack 100L
A stack of wooden clogs tossed on the floor against a wall. There are even subtle little dirty footprints and shadows for leaning this object against a wall or other object.

✫ ChiMia: Gold Minimalist Candles 70L
Cute small decor for placing on shelves, tables, etc

✫ ChiMia: House Plant 50L ( Currently 50% off)!
Lovely house plant to bring a bit of life to your home. Looks great indoor and out.

✫ ChiMia: Shelf Fillers Pack 1 350L
Pack of decorative objects perfect for placing on shelves or other surfaces. Photo frames, small chests, geometric globe, and stacks of books. Each item is 1 land impact at the original size

✫ ChiMia: Vintage Tourism Poster  - past midnight madness board gift
Perfect wall decor for a bachelor pad or for those who love traveling.

✫ ChiMia: Game Tile Letters 180L
Use these game tile letters to write out messages on walls or other vertical surfaces. Each letter and character are on their own piece (tile) and can be copied, resized, and arranged to your liking.

Disclosure of Material Connections: I may have received one or more products as review copies. Regardless, I only recommend products I personally use and believe will benefit my readers. See my full disclosure policy here.

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