Forever Tourist: Owl Cafe

So, it's Friday night and you are bored. You want to explore but have no idea where to go. Never fear, the Forever Tourist is here! The Forever Tourist is a virtual stamp collection game. You receive a hud (your passport) and travel in Second Life to visit new sites and locations. There is a list of wonderful places that is updated regularly. At each spot, you visit you click a kiosk while wearing your hud and get a stamp in your book. Many of the participating sites give you a gift too! You can subscribe to be kept updated regarding the Forever Tourist and get your own hud in-world here.

Today's Forever Tourist Location is the Owl Cafe owned by Owl Dagonash. I love owls, so couldn't resist visiting this adorable little cafe full of wonderful SL artwork to admire and several great spots to take photos. 

If you like the artwork you can buy a copy too.  Or if you are looking for a place to rent check out the Owl's Roost Rental. There is a sign on the second floor you can click to get a listing or you can check out Owl's website for more info on their art and rentals.

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