Nature in the City

When you live in the city it can be hard to get out amongst nature, so you have to bring it in where you can. My mother always said how lucky we were to have lots of windows in our apartment. She would always make sure there was a comfy sitting area surrounded by plants. This photo was inspired by memories of my mother and her green thumb, which, unfortunately, I did not inherit. 


Besides the cats, curtains, and skybox, everything in the photo is designed by [CIRCA] Living. [CIRCA] Living specializes in home furnishings, unique lighting, home accessories, skyboxes, and prefabs. [CIRCA] Living is the first place I go to look when I am redecorating my home. I absolutely the quality and design of their creations. They constantly expanding their selections with new items regularly. There is a subscriber and in-world group for you to join to keep up-to-date on the store updates, new releases, sales they are participating in, and regular group gifts. Update Group costs 250L; the subscriber is free to join.

[CIRCA] Living - "AZIZA" - Basket Planter Set - Rhubarb Plants - 325L
Set of 2 Rhubarb plans with grasses, large and small sizes, 3 LI each.

[CIRCA] Living - "AZIZA" - Basket Planter Set - Tomato Trio - 325L
Set of 2 tomato trio plants with grass, 2 LI each.

[CIRCA] Living - "AZIZA" - Hanging Mixed Set - 425L
Set of  5 basket versions A&B of various plants and hanging vines, 4 to 9 LI each.

[CIRCA] Living - "AZIZA" - Planter Collection - Vases / Naturals - 425L
Set of three small-size Coffee, Japonica, and Yarrow plants in ceramic bow vases. 2 to 3 LI each.

[CIRCA] Living - "AZIZA" - Wall Plant Basket - Hanging Set  - 300L
Set of 2 hanging baskets (version A & B) with ferns and bloodroot flowers, 3LI each.

[CIRCA] Living -  "Elska" Retro Floor Lamp - Geo Pattern Set - 275L
Set of three lamps with 2 wood styles, on/off function on touch/ambient lighting. 2 LI each.

[CIRCA] Living -  "Elska" Retro Divider Set - Ocean Mix - 425L
Set of 6 items, 2 divider patterns, and 4 planters, Monstera and Leafy, in two colors. 2 to 3 LI each.

[CIRCA] Living  -  "Elska" Retro Round Rug Set - Ocean Mix - 185L
Set of 2 round boho/ retro rugs, 4LI each. Changing the size will change the land impact.

[CIRCA] Living  -  "Elska" Retro Heart Chair Set - Orange Mix - 475L
Set of 3  chairs, 3 different pattern designs with 24 male and female sit/lounge animations, including Bento animations. 3 LI each.

[CIRCA] Living  -  "Elska" Retro Ottoman Set - Orange Set - 275L
Set of 2 ottomans in 2 different pattern designs. Each comes with 18 male and female sit/lounge animations. 1 LI each.

[CIRCA] Living - "Jaqua" - Low Table & Rug - In Violet - Marketplace - 425L
 (I only used the magazines from this set) The full set comes with a low wooden table, velvet rug (linked), and table magazine decor. The table has 3 sit/lean animations ( male & Female).

TrigiGifts - Animated Cats - Marketplace - 199L
Set of 4 different cats, each with 4-6 animations and 6 different cat sounds. Coy/mod so you can have as many as you would like! The LI of the siamese, calico cat and the grey-white cats is 4, and LI of the grey cat is 5.

My skybox is Apple Fall's New York Studio Apartment. It is a fantastic find. I love Apple Fall's skyboxes; they are so clean and bright-looking. They have a way of making a small space feel large. The New York Skybox is 13m x 16m with a land impact of 10. They have a demo at their main store if you would like to check it out in person. It was free; I am not sure if it still is.

Disclosure of Material Connections: I may have received one or more products as review copies. Regardless, I only recommend products I personally use and believe will benefit my readers. See my full disclosure policy here.

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