Spring has Sprung

Spring has sprung, sort of...well, almost! It is time to change up your landscaping! Out with the snow and in with the flowers and bright colors. I have put together a couple cute scenes to help you on your way.

I adore a nice spot to sit and enjoy the spring breeze!

Everyone needs a cute and relaxing mediation spot!

Don't forget the unique rustic decor items and stones to bring the scenes together!


GT Creative Designs created the Rustic Bench in the top photo. It is on sale at the Cheeky WoW Event (7th-25th). The Bench is customizable with 10 pillow colors and contains a large assortment of single and couple animations. 

[Circa] Living has released its "Highland Meadow" Outdoor Landscaping & Builds Collection. It is a unique and vibrant collection of trees, builds, planters, rocks, and seating! There is a lot to share. To give you a better view I am including the vendor pictures, too!

The new Spring Tree Set comes with 8 trees, with 4 small tree setups and 4 large. Each with animated butterflies and come with 4 different field flower options 

 The Arbor Set comes with five wood choices and 2 versions for land impact options. It is decorated on each side with ivy, grasses, and wildflowers. There also is a Pergola Set (not used in my pictures) that comes with five wood choices and 2 versions just like the Arbor. They would make a great pair together in your yard. 

There are several rock sets available in the Highland Meadows collection. All rock sets come with 8 rock versions with wildflowers & grass patches in single and cluster rock formations. The Full Rock Set is light grey with yellow and orange flowers. The  Add-on Rock Set with red & violet flowers is available on the Lucky Board, and the Add-on Rock Set with blue and fuchsia flowers is available as the April Group gift. The group costs  350L to join. You get regular gifts and discounts and access to special sales.

There are eleven incredible flower sets to choose from. The Flower Patch Set comes with six versions of flower grass patches with buttercups and Queen Anne's Lace in cross, row, and cluster styles. The Flower Patch and Bush Sets come with five versions with bushes, buttercups, and Queen Anne's Lace in cross and cluster styles. It also includes an animated patch with butterflies! The Flower Grass Round Sets come with four versions with grasses, buttercups, and Queen Anne's Lace with or without animated butterflies in two sizes, small and large.

No garden setting would be complete without a centerpiece to give it character and style. The Stone Pond Set with greenery comes in two versions, large and small. It has moving pond water and is surrounded by wildflowers, grasses, and a duo tree set. The Rustic Fountain Pump & Wildflowers has animated running water and swirling water in the bucket. The water pump is encircled by flower grass and wildflowers (Buttercups, Queen Anne's Lace, and bloodroot).

If you prefer a statue as your centerpiece, there are two Angel Statue Sets. One sitting on the ground and one on a pedestal. Both sets contain two versions of the statues encircled by wildflowers.

To enhance your centerpieces, you can use the Wheelbarrow Planter Set and the Tree Stump Planter Set to add more character to your yards. The Wheelbarrow Planter Set comes with three versions of the rustic-styled wheelbarrow filled with various planted wildflowers. The Tree Stump Planter Set comes with three versions of hallow tree stumps overflowing with ivy, clover, buttercups, bloodroot, wildflowers, and grasses.

Lastly are the Stone Path Sets. I am sharing only two of the four-color sets available, Each Stone Path Set comes with 11 different path components, straight, corner, and Hexagon styles to interconnect. You get two sets of straight and cornerstone paths with and without flower plants. All include green plants.

Disclosure of Material Connections: I may have received one or more products as review copies. Regardless, I only recommend products I personally use and believe will benefit my readers. See my full disclosure policy here.

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