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Teegle has a wide selection of horses and horse accessories, plus the new "BO" The Strider Bird and  "Aurum" The Mechanical Horse on sale at the Fantasy Faire. I am flat broke this month so I wasn't able to pick them up to share in a personalized pretty picture but I did snag a picture of their demos at the Fantasy Faire.

They look absolutely fabulous. I can't wait to get them both for my collection! "BO" The Strider Bird is 39 land impact. You can rez it on your land to ride or wander. It includes four skin textures.  You can sit on it or you can wear it from your inventory. You can prevent theft with the built-in user privacy tools. 

"Aurum" The Mechanical Horse is 64 land impact. It comes with three metal textures and glow/tint options. It can sit up to three people, or you can wear it from your inventory. It is a fully animated horse controlled via hud.  There are privacy settings so you can prevent the theft of your beloved horse. But if somehow it does get stolen or wanders off, never fear. You can track it and have it delivered home via the Teegle website. 

Do note there are two ways to buy a Teeglepet; one is the no-copy version (1,500L-1,900L) the other is a copyable version (6,000L). The non-copy version does just as it says, you can not make a copy of the pet, but you can get it redelivered if you lose it. The copyable version lets you rez as many as your land can hold. You can go crazy with this version. If you don't have the money to buy a copyable version now, don't worry, you can purchase the non-copy version and upgrade to a copyable version later for 4,100-4,500L, depending on which model you buy.

 Teegle's Lil' Ranchhand Modular Run-In Sheds & Barns (850L). This is a fully modular shed and barn with 7 prefab configurations (11-30 land impact); there are three-stall layouts with one, two, or three stalls with and without tack rooms, with stall dividers, and stall gates. They are also customizable via hud. There are 8 building color options and 4 gate color options. They are copy, modify, no transfer, so you can mix and match and modify it to fit as many horses as you need.  

For those of you who love to accessories and decorate for immersion, Teegle has a lot of goodies you will want to check out at the Fantasy Faire.  

✫ The Tack Trunk Rezzer (400L). This is just wow! It comes in two versions with or without logos. I absolutely loved that I could put my logo on my tack box. If you don't have a logo, you could put your horse's picture on it to help know which box belongs to which horse. Now you may be thinking, why does that matter? Well, if you have as many horses as I do, you will want to keep the tack separated by horse breed so that it doesn't get all confusing trying to put a Shetland's saddle on a Belgian, for instance. To use the rezzer, you drag your horse's tack in the trunk's inventory to quickly rez your horse's outfit changes. You will still need to link it to your horse once it's rezzed, but it is convenient to keep it organized and stored to be easily accessible. The instruction on setting it up was a breeze to follow, and if you have trouble, you can join Teegle's Discord to get help.

✫ The Interactive hitching Post, (250L). Once set up, the interactive hitching post will hitch to your horse through your horse's menu. A halter with tied lead rope will automatically attach to your horse when connecting it to the post. It comes with a color change hud with six post textures and 8 rope textures. You can customize the colors also via a color picker. 

✫ The Horse Grooming Kit, (125L). The horse grooming kit is 11 land impact and has five color options. This is perfect for decorating your personal stables!

I hope you liked what I shared today. This was only a tiny bit of what Teegle has on display at the Fantasy Faire. I recommend you get your boots on and go check it all out. Here is your Taxi!


      Fantasy Faire 2022  April 21 – May 8
A Benefit for the American Cancer Society

Celebrating its thirteenth year, Fantasy Faire 2022 is the largest gathering of fantasy designers, enthusiasts, role players, and performers in the virtual world. Treat yourself to sixteen days of shopping, live music concerts, auctions, hunts, events, and role-playing as thousands of Second Life residents and creators bring their own visions together to support the American Cancer Society’s vision of a world without cancer. Over 250 of the grid’s top fantasy creators participating in the fair that spans 20 uniquely decorated sims forming a circle of lands. There are many fantastic designs to peruse, beautiful environments to explore, and many activities to attend. You do not want to miss this incredible event.

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