MMM's BEE Beautiful Hunt!

Today I want to share the "Bee Beautiful Hunt" hosted by Myth Mystery and Magic Hunts. The hunt runs until May 29th. It is a grid-wide family-friendly hunt with amazing designers participating. 

The hunt items cost 1L, and you will be looking for is a fantastic mesh Bee. 

Let's dive into the designers and gifts. 

Hint: "Bees like greenery almost as much as flowers."
The Bold Llama makes some of the most humorous and on spot t-shirts I have seen in Second Life. Their gift is the "Queen Bee" t-shirt. It is fitted for standard Classic Sizes, Legacy, Belleza, Maitreya, Ocacin, Slink Hourglass/Physique, Tonic Curvy/Fine, and Ebody.

Hint: "Bees like windows"
Parva Luna give us an adorable bee plushie, perfectly adorable! 

Hint: "See the hunt sign? Look Down"
Silver Oak Hollow's gift is the "Garden Bee Box" This lovely little patch of green would be a wonderful addition to add a bit of character to your yard. . Land impact:7. Decorations are not removable. 

Hint: "Play the Talking Drums!"
Harambee Gwassi-Kenya Charity Shop's gift is a set of pretty potted "Lillies in Realistic Pots" to add life to your home or adorn your lawn. Land impact: 2.

Kim's Kreations gift is a wonderful bathtub planter with an animated butterfly and bee.  Land Impact: 6.

Hint: "In the Spring Section! (upstairs)"
Dragonsworn's gift is an amazing tea hat. This would be sure to turn some heads if you are looking for an elegant hat for your next tea party!

Hint: "So many flowers to gather pollen from, I'll be careful not to sting the children."
Splintered Creations spoils us with an amazing hall decor set. Land Impact: 43. If you have not visited Spintered Creations before, you should! They have the cutest decorations and participate in many hunts, so you can find some great deals!

Hint: "Baskets of spices!"
GD for Harambee's gift is the adorable Bright Rainbow Earrings. These are very Kawaii!!!

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