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 In today's fast-paced world, the one thing that helps me get by is self-care. It is essential to me that my home is a place of relaxation and comfort. I like to mirror that aspect in Second life too. I was delighted to find this fantastic spa relaxation zone by GT Creative Design at the Happy Event and couldn't help but do a little remodeling in the back room of my sky house.

Check the list below for all the great items that make up this look:

GT Creative Design | Spa Relaxation Zone  | 799L @ The Happy Event
This fantastic relaxing spa zone comes with many animations (single, props, couples, and adults). 

✫ GT Creative Design | Hexagon Garden Deluxe  | 249L @ The Happy Event
Nothing makes a room feel comfortable, safe and inviting as greenery. GT Creative Design makes some amazing indoor gardens. This is only one of eight amazing colors available.

✫ 4 Doves Creative Decor | Speaker Radio- Purple  | 99L per color @ The Happy Event  
This modern speaker is perfect for setting the atmosphere for streaming music in your home. It has 9 pre-programmed stations with an easy edit notecard to add more stations. It is available in purple, green and blue.

ChiMia  | Norsk Loft [Fatpack Version]  | 500L fatpack, 220L per color
The Norsk Loft is an elegant 32 li skyloft. It consists of two rooms divided by a slotted rail wall. Don't let the little size of this skybox fool you. It is packed with elegance and a modern design. I especially liked the floor textures!

It is available in 11 colors individually, or you can buy the fat pack and get all the colors! There is a demo in-world where you can test all the colors in person to decide which best suits your personality.  

✫ ChiMia  | Gold Minimalist Candles  | 70L  
These are great candles to have around the house for a bit of detail. You can find these great candles on the Marketplace or at the main store.

Disclosure of Material Connections: I may have received one or more products as review copies. Regardless, I only recommend products I personally use and believe will benefit my readers. See my full disclosure policy here.

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