The Dark Fae.

"When one thinks of faires, often my fairer-skinned sisters come to mind. These joyful creatures are full of sunshine and hope flitting about bringing happiness wherever they land. Well, I have to tell you when it comes to a jilted heart the last thing my clients want to see is sunshine, joy, and happiness. They tend to have a cloud of darkness about them that calls to faires like me. The kind of darkness that seeks retribution, vengeance, and a swift dealing of pain, lots of pain."  

Let's go shopping!

✫ DRESS ✫ 
Les Encantades | Eloise | Reg. Colors & RFL Color 250L; Fullpack 999L, Fantasy Faire
The Eloise dress is a beautiful medieval gown. It is available in seven colors. Six regular (blue, white, brown, green, red, and black) and 1 RFL special color (Pink). If you purchase the full pack, you will be able to customize 8 panels on the dress in different 11 colors. The gown is fitted for Maitreya, Belleza, Slink, and Classic Medium.

✫ WINGS    
BlueMoon Enterprise | Mechanical Wings Pewter | 250L, Fantasy Faire
Beautiful animated mechanical wings. They are available in either copper or pewter. They are copy/mod.

✫ POTION    
Only Your Imagination |  Alchemy Potion | 150L, Fantasy Faire
The Alchemy Potion is an animated hand accessory. It changes color, and the aura effects fade in and out. You can use it without the special effects if you would like. It is copy/mod.

- MB-  | Jewels - Theren Circlet 1 | 599L, Fantasy Faire
Highly detailed elegant circlet. It is available in black, gold and silver. It is customizable via touch with 12 different gem colors.

KUMIHO  | Ambrose Choker V2  | 325L, Fantasy Faire
A beautifully designed choker. It is customizable with 4 leather and 3 metal textures with 12 birthstone crystals. The crystal pulses and is also unrigged with a resizer included. 

Beloved Jewelry | Septum Piercing | 69L, MIIX Erotika 
The Septum piercing is customizable with 56 gemstones and 24 pearl color options, and 16 metal options. You can show/hide gems to create three distinct looks. Beloved Jewelry also has a unique Spine Piercing on sale for 69L. It is a beautiful piece and would look great with an open-back gown.

Beloved Jewelry is definitely one of my favorite stores to find something to add a little sparkle to my day. They have been creating fine jewelry since 2008 and have a large selection of affordable unique, customizable jewelry for men and women. I highly recommend you check their shop out. 

Blue Blood |  Billz Horns | 199L, Fantasy Faire
Fantastic set of customizable horns, HUD-driven with 8 colors for horns and barnacles. Materials ready, copy/mod/no trans.

Beauty by Entice  |  Electric Stars Eyeshadows  | 199L, The Makeover Room Event
The Electric Stars Eyeshadow set comes with 12 marvelously vivid colors with stars intermixed. This is truly a showstopping look. I love it! It comes only in an applier for Lelutka EvoX.

CAZIMI | Dusk EvoX Lipgloss (shade 3, 60%) | 250L
This set comes with 12 lipgloss colors in three opacities with a shine enhancer. CAZIMI is an excellent cosmetics designer. They feature tons of makeup (eyeshadow, blush, eyeliners, concealers, and more), mesh and applier nails, eyes, and lashes. You can't find a better designer for your cosmetic needs.

 ✫ HEAD & BODY SKIN ✫   
.:Soul:.  Lianna Skin - Dantela F8 | 1,125L, Fantasy Faire
The Lianna-Dantela, an RFL donation item available at the Fantasy Faire. The skin is available for Belleza, Legacy, Chai, Slink, and Universal for 1,499L. The set includes all body versions and tattoos and muscled/toned, full/soft breast, brow/no brow, cover-up/down layers, and ear skins (UNI, Evox, and swallow Gauged Ears). There is a male version too!

✫ HAIR ✫ 
DOUX  |  JENNA  (basic pack with deluxe hud) | 500L 
 Jenna is a fitted mesh hairstyle; the basic package includes 1 hairstyle and the fatpack color HUD. The deluxe hud consists of all stylings (4) available with the hair and color tint abilities. You will need to buy the basic pack for the hair before you buy the deluxe, as the deluxe is only a hud. The hair is in the basic package. Demos are available to try before you buy.

✫ EYES  
IKON  | 'SUNRISE Eyes' in Imperial Purple   | 150-175L 
IKON's eyes are affordable at 150-170L each, and if you join their in-world group, you can get a free set of eyes. Ikon's Eye sets come with IKON Mesh Eyes that are HUD controlled. You also get appliers for Lelutka, Omega, Genus, Catwa, and BOM Layers in multiple eye sizes. I have worn IKON eyes for years. I highly recommend them because they are affordable and have a massive range of colors and styles.

✫ EARS  
Lelutka EvoX ears. See Mesh head below for details.

Lelutka | Lilly Mesh Head | 3,990L
This head can support Evolution (EVO) and Evolution X (EvoX) skins. The Lilly set comes with a Head, Teeth, Mesh Eyes, Elf Ears, and many bonus goodies like hairbases, face light, multiple teeth accessories like braces, ear piercings, and samples of cosmetic tattoos. It is Bakes on Mesh Ready (BOM) and comes with a default shape, Head and Ear skins in BOM layers, and skin, brow, and eye applier. Avatar complexity for the head alone is approximately +5738 (Head, Teeth, and Eyes). Lelutka is my go-to place for mesh heads. I love their style, quality, and ease of use for their huds. I own several of their heads. There are demos available for you to try before you buy.

Maitreya | Lara Mesh Body | 2,750L
The Lara Mesh Body is BOM (Bakes On Mesh) ready. The body includes Bom add-on parts, a save stick to save your configurations, Bento hands with hand poses, and hand AO built into the HUD. The body has the 5 default foot shapes (Flat, Low, Mid, High, and Ballet). The HUD comes loaded with 22 Glam Affair skin tones, and BOM layers are provided. There are five nail shape options and 19 nail polish options. Alphas are controlled via HUD. There are over 200 possible selections. The body comes with mesh lingerie made by Erratic and BOM Layers by Zaara.  This is the mesh body I wear the most; I really like the softer curves, and  I find most outfits are offered in their shape. If you prefer a petite or flat look, Maitreya has add-ons for the Lara Mesh Body for 499-599L each. The Lara Mesh Body, the Petite Add-on, and the Flat-Chest Add-on have demos available to try before you buy.  

✫ SHAPE   
Velour | Brittany Skin Shape | 799L 
 I received this adorable shape with my purchase of the Brittany Head Skin for Lelutka EvoX (skin not worn in this shoot).
Sponsored by Jinx
Region by Julala Demina and Lil Cinnamon

LUMIPro |  6,699L
LUMIPro is a HUD worn by the photographer that controls all aspects of lights worn by the model or self. The photographer can adjust position, color, radius, and falloff. You do not need rez right to use LUMIPro. The built-in posing system controls ten models independently without needing to rez for pose stands.    


    April 21 – May 8
A Benefit for the American Cancer Society

Celebrating its thirteenth year, Fantasy Faire 2022 is the largest gathering of fantasy designers, enthusiasts, role players, and performers in the virtual world. Treat yourself to sixteen days of shopping, live music concerts, auctions, hunts, events, and role-playing as thousands of Second Life residents and creators bring their own visions together to support the American Cancer Society’s vision of a world without cancer. Over 250 of the grid’s top fantasy creators participating in the fair that spans 20 uniquely decorated sims forming a circle of lands. There are many fantastic designs to peruse, beautiful environments to explore, and many activities to attend. You do not want to miss this incredible event.

  Disclosure of Material Connections: I may have received one or more products as review copies. Regardless, I only recommend products I personally use and believe will benefit my readers. See my full disclosure policy here.

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