@MP Fave Sites and Blogs

I have broken them by category for ease of browsing. If you would like to be added to one of my categories just send me an note in game or comment on my blog.

Events | Hunts | Sales

✫ Cosmopolitan Events - salesroom
Historical Hunts, Ltd. - steampunk, renaissance hunts.
✫ Hunt SL - an extensive list of hunts going on in second life.
✫ Seraphim - salesrooms, event reporting blog.
✫ We Love Role-play - Event

Resource Sites

Blogger and Vlogger Support - excellent resource for bloggers -- New and Old!
✫ Script This! - easy to use form to make simple sl scripts

Fun SL Blogs

✫ Across The 2nd Universe - women's fashion, lists photo sites.
✫ HelaMiyo -  pose maker, tutorials, fun stories.
✫ iheartsl - sl blog feed 
✫ Second Life Fantasy Feed - Good reference for roleplay materials
✫ Second Life Destinations - travel blog
✫ Strawberry Sigh -  photographer, tutorials, fun stories, tons of info.

Freebie Blogs

✫ FabFree - features freebies and nothing over 75L 
✫ Fashion & Freebies for Men  - for women
✫ Freebies - variety of freebies on flickr
Second Life Free <3 - variety of freebies on flickr
Second Life Gifts - variety of freebies on flickr
✫ SL Freebie Blog Feed - collection of freebie blogs
✫ SL Offers & Free - variety of free items for men and women

Designer Blogs

BlueMoon enterpriseMedieval – Victorian Clothing
✫ Circa Living - Home Interiors and Builds
HelaMiyo - Unique Poses
✫ Lumipro - Photography Tools
Maxi Gossamer - Jewelry
✫ Mina Hair - Men and Women Hair
✫ Pink Fuel - Skins
Ravenghost - Home Interiors

Blogger Design Sites

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