Tutorials for Second Life

This is a work in progress. If you know of any links or categories that should be added, drop me a note using the contact us form.

Beginner SL Tips
✫ Introduction to Second Life by Strawberry Singh
✫  Sandboxes and Privacy for Beginners by Taliferrue Cathaldus
✫  Improving How Mesh/Sculpties Look by Taliferrue Cathaldus
✫  Glitch Fix: Help I am wearing all my Second Life inventory.. Make it stop! - Firestorm Viewer Wiki
✫  Noob Dude: A Style 101 for the Second Life Male Avatar – Part 1 | Part 2 - by Virtual Bloke
✫  Bakes on Mesh (BOM) for Dummies by Virtual Bloke
✫  Activating BOM on Mesh Heads (a bit outdated but still good info) by Virtual Bloke

✫  How to Hunt Without Driving Yourself or Others Crazy by Isabeal Jupiter
✫  Hunt Basics by Love Trill

Inventory Management
✫  Inventory Management: Another Go Through Folder  by Taliferrue Cathaldus
✫  Inventory Management: Cleaning and Archiving Landmarks by Taliferrue Cathaldus
✫  Inventory Management: Archiving Your Items by Taliferrue Cathaldus

Photo Location Lists
✫ @MP's Photo Location List by Taliferrue Cathaldus
✫ Photogenic Spots by Second Life.com
✫ Ten Photogenic Spots in Second Life by Brett & Amanda Linden
✫ Beautiful Places in Second Life by INDI Designs
✫ Places to visit by Keliahangelis
✫ Bitacora viajero - Travel Blog 

Blogger Tutorials
✫ Ember's Blogging Tips and Tricks by Ember Adored

Photo Tutorials 
✫ Directional Lighting Tutorial (double shadows) by HelaMiyo
✫ More on Double Shadows by Hela Miyo
✫ SL PHotography Walktrough Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 by Anya Ohmai

Photo Editing Sites
✫ PicMonkey - creative tools for photo editing
✫ PhotoScape - free photo editing software

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