- Review Policy -

Review Policy:
I absolutely love blogging events. I enjoy the challenge of creating posts for a wide variety of designers following a theme. If you have an event you would like covered please let me know, I'll be happy to check it out.

I am willing to take a look at anything to blog; clothing, furnishing, builds, etc. I only have a few restrictions on what I will blog.

1) Items must be for regular sized avatars as I do not have a petite avatar. If you have a petite avatar you want me to blog, I will be happy to lift this restriction.

2) Clothing items must cover all the naughty bits, I am a bit modest.

I will send you a note card in SL when a review is posted, so that you may check out what is said about your store/creations. Please understand, time rules what I can blog - so if your item is time sensitive be sure to tell me, or I may not get to it in time!t.

Send Items In-world to Taliferrue Cathaldus

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