Excellent Photo Locations in Second Life

This is a collection of the best places in Second Life for taking photos I have collected. This was originally for my use only, so some of the places are probalby not considered "traditional" photo spots and some even are in stores.  If you find a broken link, missing photo spot or want to suggest your favorite places leave a comment using the Contact Form

If you need a place to share your landscape photos, check out Photo Locales in Second Life on Flickr.

Photo Categories:
✫ { Country Life } ✫ Enjoy the simple life, open land, comfy cottages, animals and farms.
✫ { Decrepit } ✫ Places that feature scenery that is dilapidated, rickety, run-down, tumbledown, beat-up, ramshackle, derelict, in (a state of) disrepair, gone to rack and ruin; battered, decayed, crumbling, deteriorating.
✫ { Desert } ✫ Hot arid places, full of sand and sparse vegetation.
✫ {  Forests } ✫ Welcome to the land of trees, includes forests, jungles, tree lined walkways and bamboo thickets.
✫ { Historical } ✫ Location that feature Historical settings, that represent time periods of the past.
✫ { Interiors } ✫ Great photo spots inside buildings and stores. If you use a store for a photo location, I recommend listing where you took the photos at, if you don't already do it.
✫ { Mystical & Fantasy } ✫ Places that feature scenery that is inspiring a sense of spiritual mystery, awe, and fascination, the places where magic is abound. Whimsical wizards, elves, fairies, nymphs and more reside.
✫ { Parks } ✫ Rural or Urban places made to sit and enjoy the scenery, includes courtyards.
✫ { Studios } ✫ Places to find free photo boxes/studios for the general public to use.
{ Sci-Fi } ✫ Technology has gone rampant in the future or even the past; computers, steampunk, robots, etc.
✫ { Urban Life } ✫ All about Urbanization here; cities the concrete bastions of life.
✫ { WaterWays } ✫ Locations are either mostly water or have a water feature perfect for photos.

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